Silk Natural Bug Spray

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Espana Silk All Natural Bug Spray 1/2 LiterNot only are bugs and pests an annoyance for you but also for your cats. Pesky bugs can be a detriment to your cat’s health. Silk Natural Bug Spray is not only safe and effective for your cats, including a bicolred ragdoll, it can be used by humans as well.

This pest control is all natural and environmentally safe. It is useful against flies, mosquitoes, chiggers, gnats and other flying insects. You can apply it to the face and other sensitive areas of your cat without fear as it is safe for use in those areas. It can also be used around their living areas to keep the nasty bugs away.

Silk Natural Bug Spray is also fabric safe and can be used around your cats bedding and blankets. Cats need to exercise out of doors and this is a great product to help them do just that without fear of bites from flying insects. This spray has a pleasant lemon grass fragrance and also helps to hydrate the skin.

So let your cat enjoy it's outdoor time and also have peace of mind that they are protected from annoying bites from flying insects and other pests. And remember you may also use this bug spray on yourself.

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