Show Me Your Litter Box Set Up

Last Updated on August 5, 2021 by Jenny

I am from Missouri, the “SHOW ME” state.  So hence the title of this post – SHOW ME Your Litter Box Set Up.

I want to gather a list of postings from all members about how your kitty’s litter box area is set up.  I will then compile all of them and put them in one post to share with everyone.

You can see our litter box set up here:

Litter Box Setup August 2012

Here’s what it includes:

And see more in this video below:

So, let’s help each other with ideas!  Please post your Litter Box Set Ups on our Facebook group!

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4 thoughts on “Show Me Your Litter Box Set Up

  1. Jessica says:

    Hello~ I think it time I upsize my kitten’s litterbox to a large storage bin, but it seems like every sterlite container I’ve come across has a ridge outline at the bottom that gets in the way of scooping! What boxes have you tried that have a clean, flat bottom? I’ve looked at every single container at walmart with no luck 🙁

  2. Anne from says:

    We had a nice contest asking people “to show” their litterboxes. I suspect quite a few have been primed for the photo shoot 😉

    Your setup looks great – large deep boxes, not covered, and with a little mat to prevent those paw tracks.

  3. Sharon says:

    I have no ‘set up’. Just 16 large, covered, litter boxes. I use ‘Cats Pride Fresh and Light’. The boxes are scooped 2-3 x a day and completely dumped, washed, rinsed and dried every saturday.
    My cats like it like that!
    I have no one spraying! (And all of my cats have the run of the entire home)

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