Should We Do A Cat Product Review Raffle?

Post Published on March 4, 2017 | Last Updated on April 1, 2021 by Jenny

Would you be interested in participating in a raffle of cat products we have reviewed?

Please see photos and video below.

Should We Do A Cat Product Review Raffle

Products Potentially included:

Peach Pet Provisions Hammock  $    99.00
2 Peach Pet Provisions Extra Hammock Cover
Whole Life Chicken 3.3oz  $    13.49
Whole Life Turkey 3.3oz  $    12.79
Whole Life Cod 2oz  $    13.01
Critterzone  $  129.00
Petcube  $  199.00
Pet Remedy 15ml  $       9.49
Pet Remedy 200ml  $    22.41
10 QuitIt  $    13.00
11 Dog Twister  $    32.05
12 Dog Miracle Puzzle  $    20.21
13 Dog Casino  $    31.88
14 Petstages Easy Scratch Snuggle and Rest  $    15.35
15 Neko Pawdz Tunnels  $  185.00
16 Surefeed Sealed Pet Bowl  $    59.98
17 Litter Lifter  $       7.21
18 Neko Flies Mouse  $    18.99
19 Neko Flies Rod  $    13.50
20 Shop Cats of New York  $    16.50
21 Wool Balls  $       7.00
22 Pet Dogma Cat Scratcher  $    19.99
23 Blobby Cat Crazy Cat Lady Mug  $    12.00
 24 KONG Cat Wobbler, Treat Dispensing Toy, Purple  $  11.50

Estimated Total MSRP: $962.35

(I am thinking of eliminating the QuitIt as I don’t think I can ship compressed air) and might also add a toy I got from Korea that I haven’t featured yet on the site.

Also, remember that some of these are slightly used – so they aren’t brand new products.

$5 = 1 Raffle Ticket
$20 = 8 Raffle Tickets
$40 = 20 Raffle Tickets

…and then the winner would pay shipping on top of their raffle ticket price.  I am doing it that way so that everyone around the world can participate.  I would guess within the continental USA, it’ll cost $50-$75 for shipping.  Of course, if you have an account with UPS or FedEx and would prefer to use that, we can work that out.

If we move forward with it, I will post about it here on our blog or in our newsletter. Please sign up for our daily blog posts to be delivered to your email here or sign up for our newsletter here, so you will be the first to know it’s happening.

What do you think?  Interested?  Suggested changes?

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24 thoughts on “Should We Do A Cat Product Review Raffle?

  1. Maomama says:

    You know, I recently had the same idea. We’re trying to raise funds to cover the (enormous) cost of our cat’s surgery to remove a kidney tumor and a raffle is one of the ideas I had. Naturally, I think your idea is terrific!

  2. Kattolio says:

    Go for it! I will definitely purchase raffle tickets. I want you to be able to do what you feel is necessary to keep your site and any other offerings associated with your site up to date.


    • Jenny says:

      Hi Gale,

      I am not sure I am following. Canada was excluded from what? I have not excluded anyone from this – as I clearly stated in the video. In fact, I never mentioned any exclusions, so have no idea where that statement came from.

      As far as the Trump supporter comment, I am not sure what to think of that – other than it’s uncalled for and unkind.


      • Patti Johnson says:

        Methinks I am confused, too, Jenny. You stated very clearly the drawing would be open to anyone. (Perhaps Gale is referring to some Rafflecopter giveaways in the past that were only available for those of us living in the USA (which would mean that the vendor supplying the product did not want to ship outside the country, which is beyond your control.) I hope Gale will realize this and apologize for the rude way she phrased her comment. <3

  3. RagdollCatMom says:

    I like the idea overall! My first thought is that it’s a lot of stuff – maybe split it up into a couple of lots? Like cat beds in one lot, toys/treats/tunnels in another, something like that? Just a thought.

    I do like the idea of shipping to a rescue/shelter!

    • Jenny says:

      I know about a lot of stuff – I thought about breaking it up – or letting the first winner choose 5 items or something – but then it becomes more complicated of what different people want, so I will keep it as one lot to give me peace of mind and less anxiety =). Thank you for the feedback!

      • Teresa Reid says:

        Can see your point and think that it is very wonderful that you are doing this especially when you are under so much pressure working on other projects at the moment. We appreciate your hard work and generosity Jenny!
        With the article that was run recently about Merlin’s Hope taking in more of the Friday Market kitties from Quwait, they would be so blessed to have any of these products if the winner chooses to donate them.♥

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    Floppycats Raffle in da house!!! Woo hoo!! Yes, Jenny, I could totally get on-board with your suggested raffle. Brilliant idea! I think the raffle fees are very affordable and wouldn’t have any problem paying shipping charges if I were to win. I think this is a great idea and the products offered are amazing (even if a few them are in used condition they still look mighty fine to me)! And I lurve your suggestion that the winner could even designate a rescue/shelter organization (like Merlin’s Hope!) to send these items to as another way to support their efforts.

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    • Jenny says:

      omg, that makes me want to title the blog post of the actual raffle, “Floppycats Raffle in Da House!” Thanks for your positive support, as always Patti.

      • Teresa Reid says:

        I second that! Can just hear Patti’s beautiful, melodic voice saying, “Floppycats Raffle in Da House!” Thanks for making all of us smile today Patti!♥

  5. Jeanne Ganiere Rasmussen says:

    I like the idea of a raffle although I would not use all of the products. Clarify for me: the raffle prize is one drawing for all of the gifts.
    I’m game.

    • Jenny says:

      Yes, exactly – so you could buy 1 raffle ticket and “win” all the products pictured – but would have to pay shipping to your location. The reason shipping isn’t included is because we have readers all over the world, so shipping costs would vary too greatly.

  6. lrunning says:

    Wow- I’d buy some tickets! Would love the chance to win the Pet Cube and would be able to gift a lot of the other things! Maybe add a $10 level for three tickets? It’s a big jump from $5 to $20. Something must be in the air- I’m cleaning out my “gift” drawer where I put things I buy for friends and then give them something else for birthdays, etc. It feels good!

    You could do a Live Facebook for the drawing! I’m excited – let’s go!


  7. Teresa Reid says:

    Yes! Think it would be fun! Do you mean that the prize would include all the items or or would you raffle them one at a time? Either way, think it would be fun!

    • Jenny says:

      Yes – prize would include all items in the photo! Two of you asked for clarification on that, so I am glad I asked as I definitely need to be clear about that.

      • Teresa Reid says:

        Sorry. I was hurriedly reading the post on my phone trying to do 3 things at once. Now that I was able to see your video, it is all clear. Thanks for writing to explain it even further.
        Think they are amazing prizes and the raffle would be so much fun! It is a tremendous value, especially just the cube. Wish I had that when we were away recently and couldn’t see my baby girls. Even though we got photos, it just wasn’t the same.
        Wishing you much success on the raffle and on your new book. The first edition has been great. Can’t wait to see the new one too!
        Thanks so much,

    • Jenny says:

      ha ha ha – love it – i know you can offer more advice or ideas though – so if you have any, please email me!

      • Christy says:

        I’m loath to suggest anything that would diminish my chances so I reluctantly giving a suggestions!

        Perhaps picking a charity, if it would me, I would choose one local to you, and donating a certain percentage (at least 10%) of the proceeds. Maybe even as the kitty (ha, unintended wordplay!), increases then the donation percentage goes up accordingly (ex: for every $1k in raffle tickets sold the percentage donated goes up 5% for a max donation of 50% – 50% might sound like a lot, but that would mean that you hit a minimum of $10k in tickets). Picking a charity that is local means that you can publicize the heck out of it with your local news, radio and print media.

        With all of that publicity, perhaps you could convince a company to sponsor a gift of some sorts for every entrant. Even a high value coupon would be great – they company wouldn’t have to spend money on shipping but they’d get the great exposure. Especially if let’s say it was a coupon for the banana catnip toy (too lazy right now to go look it up), it could be “this coupon is valid at any PetSmart for a free crazy catnip banana”. With the PetSmart might work with that vendor since it will drive some traffic to their store. This means even more exposure which equals a bigger kitty (ha!).

        You could even see if you could get FedEx or a local shipping company like a Postal Store to donate $100 worth of shipping or if the kitty gets to a certain level, you can pay for shipping.

        You will probably end up with people buying raffle tickets who might have zero use for the products but want to kick in $5 knowing that it will benefit a charity and if they win, they can donate their winnings to a local charity as well. See how this all diminishes my chances of winning?!!!!

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