Shop Cats of New York Book Shipping December 20!

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Shop Cats of New YorkShop Cats of New York Book Back in Stock on Amazon on December 20, 2016

Tamar Arslanian of I HAVE CAT, the author of Shop Cats of New York, wrote me the other day to tell me that a new shipment of the books will be available to ship out on December 20th – so you can go to Amazon now and grab your copy.

I reviewed Shop Cats of New York a few weeks back and you can read our Shop Cats of New York Book Review there.

You can buy Shop Cats of New York on Amazon.

Tamar, a long resident of New York City, decided to put together a book about cats that occupy commercial spaces in New York City, like Matilda of the Algonquin Hotel – a rescue Ragdoll cat.  Each kitty is featured for 2-3 pages with 3-4 photos of each kitty in their environment.  And co-author Andrew Marttila took the beautiful photos that capture each kitty and their shop so well.

You can also find more pics on Instagram at @shopcatsofnewyork and by searching #shopcatsofnewyork some are outtakes

Here’s a teaser video that explains the book as well as gives you a taste of how fun it is.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Jenny! They are ALL so adorable. Would love to be able to go to New York and see all of them in their respective stores. Wouldn’t that be fun? Especially want to see Matilda! ♥♥♥♥

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