Shoo! Tag Natural Pest Repellent

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Shoo!Tag Natural Pest RepellentDo you live in a suburban area and there are usually mosquitoes everywhere? Are you sick and tired of getting rid of fleas and ticks? The Shoo!Tag Natural Pest Repellent create a protective barrier for your pets so you can be sure that you cat is safe from these harmful insects.

It is easy to use as it can be simply placed in the collar and is lightweight. It can reach it maximum strength after about thirty-six hours after putting this tag onto any kind of cat collar and it one of the safest cat products that your pet can use to repel insects. It can last a quite long time since because it can be worn for up to 4 whole months, is waterproof, and will protect your cat from these insects by creating an electromagnetic field.

All you need to do is to remove it from its packaging, then simply put it on the silver ring of your cats collar. The Shoo!Tag Natural Pest Repellent is possibly one of the only cat products that can provide a continuous electromagnetic protective barrier against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

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