Shedmonster Cat Shedding Tool

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One of the biggest inconveniences faced by Ragdoll cat owners is unwanted hair in their homes. Shedding is common in cats for it is their natural way and process of losing dead hair. Some Ragdoll cats have more hair or thicker undercoats and will shed in higher portions.

Since we cannot prevent our pets from shedding, we can, on the other hand, find ways to help reduce the amount their losing and prevent them from having fur balls.

Shedmonster is a cat de-shedding tool that was designed to prevent skin irritation. This stainless steel cat product has curved teeth that penetrate deep into cat's coat. It has ergonomic, non-slip handle for easy and comfortable grip.

Shedmonster has smooth round edges to provide your bicolor ragdoll a massage and pamper feeling while you brush his hair. Shedmonster is recommended for cats that have medium to long coats.

Two tips to minimize cat shedding:

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  • Feed him a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Proper grooming is very important; if possible, do it regularly.

You can purchase the Shedmonster Cat Shedding Tool through for $14.11 and be eligible for a FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

What can you say about Shedmonster? Share your thoughts with fellow cat owners in our Ragdoll Cat forum or you may leave us a comment below.




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