She Rescued Us!!!

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Floppy CatGemma is a 3 legged Maine Coon . She was tossed out into the rain, storms and left to fend for herself after a couple split up they let her go too. I saw her one day as we were helping fix our home we were renting out. A lil girl told us she had 3 legs and was not having a home. Well the next week we came to help our renters I saw her again. On the way home I said to my husband can we just take her in so she won’t die? He said yes and turned around and went back. The cat was being fed by a nice neighbor and got to the point that her spirit was so broken she refused to eat. When we drove up my husband said , "What a Kodak moment"she ran so fast when she heard me call to her. It was so beautiful. I thought I would foster her until I would find a place. Funny all the people that were going to take her fell through. Sometimes God has His own plan. Well, I was wondering how Bookie Boo would take to her being so scared and all. (My other baby Cat). I introduced them slowly. Gemma was nearly dying she was so skinny and her eyes were like lil slits . She had little movement. Everyday I prayed and spoke to her spirit and said You will Live. You Will Live. I will give you Love so you will live again. In 6 months time with all the love we had and special food, she began to show life and that she was over the hump. She runs faster than my other cat and when Bookie does not see her she looks to make sure she is ok. Then she can go on to what she was doing. She rescued us. We needed a baby in the house and Gemma help give my husband a great interest through our hearts together that we could nuture. She now goes to retirement homes as a therapy cat. It became better than we ever imagined. She is a Gem to us. Gemma. I know God placed her in our lives to teach us unconditional love. Yes she rescued us!!!

Kitty’s Name: Gemma
Name: BonnieJean
Where: Illinois

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