Shadow and Lilly

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Momma CatHi my name is Kittie and yes that really is my name. (My Grandmother nick-named me Kitten when I was born, my real name is Kathleen). Anyway, I rescued 2 kittens from a friend who feeds and takes care of several feral cats around her home. Mom cat is a calico and Dad, as far as we can tell is a big orange ball of fluff – that’s all we could see of him. So in April a litter of 5 kittens was born and Cheryl corralled them on her front porch to make sure that Mom took care of them and ate well. Since my 17 year old cat had passed away last year, I decided it was time for a new family member. I went to visit the kittens and picked out 2 that I really liked – of the 5 kittens, 2 were grey, 1 white, 1 orange and 1 calico. The 2 greys and the white one had darker ears and one of the greys was really fluffy. I chose the 2 greys for myself and thought I’d talk my sister into the white one. Unfortunately, at 6 weeks of age, a coyote got to the kittens and killed the orange one and the short-haired grey one. As Cheryl already had 5 indoor cats, she couldn’t bring in the remaining kittens so I picked up the fluffy grey and white one and brought them home to my place. A week or so later, we trapped the Mom and took her to get her fixed at the same time we took the 3 kittens to get their first shots. (Cheryl ended up keeping the calico kitten).

I named my kittens Shadow (grey) and Lilly (white). (No, my sister did not get the white one – I kept her). They were both girls and Shadow did well for being separated from Mom at so early an age. At first Lilly wasn’t doing well and the Vet said that she might not survive as she did not grow the first 3 weeks that I had them. After weekly visits to the vet for various issues, Lilly finally started to thrive. Then came several more vet visits for spaying and the rest of their shots – so much for “free” kittens.

Shadow has developed into a beautiful Ragdoll kitten with all of the traits and coloring associated with the breed. She is so mellow and loving that she will lie in my arms like a baby and let me tickle her belly for hours. She has to be near me at all times. Her fur is so very silky soft that I often refer to her as my “LoveBunny” and must always kiss and tickle her “bunny paws” before I put her down. Shadow is the perfect picture of a blue colorpoint Ragdoll as you can see by the attached pictures. Lilly has kept her white color with the exception of her ears and tail – they are beige-ish-orange and her fur is that of a short-haired domestic. Lilly has morphed into my demon child. She is very independent and only wants to cuddle on her terms. Even though she is smaller than Shadow, she is the one to start the wrestling matches and games of tag. Both kittens have kept their beautiful blue eyes.

ShadowAt the age of 4 months, the kittens tumbled off of the dining room table while playing and Shadow broke her hip. (By that time I had removed the lace tablecloth and gave up trying to keep them off of the table – I wasn’t winning that battle anyway). During the midnight trip to the ER, we discovered Shadow needed surgery to repair the growth plate in her hip and the cost of the surgery was going to be $2600. Both my husband and I agonized over that – he is on disability and I am currently unemployed. One of the vets on duty came to talk to us and told us that she volunteers at a clinic in a ‘depressed’ area and would do the surgery there for much cheaper. But she wouldn’t be there until the following Thursday. We had to keep Shadow on pain meds and away from Lilly for almost a week. We kept her closed up in my home office and both my husband and I spent a lot of that next week on the floor of my office cuddling Shadow. She is the most amazing animal. Even in pain and separated from the family, she remained loving. Never once did she bite or scratch at us when we picked her up.

At both the ER and the vet’s that did the surgery, all of the vet techs wanted to keep Shadow. Even though she was in pain, she just lay in their arms and looked up at them with so much trust in her eyes. I really believe that if we had decided that the cost of the surgery was too much and asked her to be put to sleep, the techs would have paid for the surgery themselves. Shadow is now 2 weeks out of surgery and is doing fine; but trying to keep two 4 month old kittens from wrestling and chasing each other all over the house is very trying.

Kitty's Name: Shadow & Lilly
Name: Kittie


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