September 2015 NVR Miss High Wall Cat Litterbox Giveaway Winner Reports Back!

September 2015 NVR Miss High Wall Cat Litterbox Giveaway Winner Reports Back!

September 2015 NVR Miss High Wall Cat Litterbox Giveaway Winner Reports Back 2Love, love, lurve it when a giveaway winner reports back.  In this case, “lurve” was used on purpose because, Patti, one of the winners of the September 2015 NVR Miss High Wall Cat Litterbox Giveaway, often comments and uses this version of “love”.  Thanks again to NVR Miss for sponsoring!  (see our review of it here, or you can check out the video posted below to learn more)

Patti writes:

Wow! Miss Pink Sugarbelle (our Blue Lynx Bi-Color Ragdoll baby girl, who just turned 3 years old this month!) and I sure were excited to learn we were one of the lucky winners of last month’s NVR Miss Litterbox Giveaway!!! YAY!!!! We won two brand new NVR Miss Litterboxes (one in the beautiful “snow flake color pattern” and one in white). Now, I already have one white NVR Miss Litterbox that I got awhile back (which has been a big success as a 2nd litterbox in our small apartment). So, our baby girl is familiar with these awesome litterboxes. Winning these two litterboxes came at a perfect time as I needed to replace the two older litterboxes we have been using.

Miss PSB took to investigating the new boxes right away. Once I got them setup in our “litterbox room” (our den) she immediately (and I mean IMMEDIATELY) went to urinate in the white one and then poo in the other one. I was shocked that she used them right away. I thought transitioning her from one NVR Litterbox to two NVR Litterboxes may bother her a bit, as her “go to” litterbox was a triangular corner box we’ve had since her arrival to her furever home back in early 2013. She appears to have accepted both new boxes without issue. Absolutely pawesome!!!!

Personally, I love these litterboxes. They have no sharp corners and are easy to clean. She has never had any accidents with hanging her rear end outside of the box and doing her business. You can tell from the pics that she doesn’t completely turn sideways to go either. She’s a quirky kinda kitty who insists on doing things “her own way.”

Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaways you have on your site, Jenny. We are so very pleased with our new, beautiful NVR Miss Litterboxes. They are wonderful and so is!!!!

September 2015 NVR Miss High Wall Cat Litterbox Giveaway Winner Reports Back

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12 thoughts on “September 2015 NVR Miss High Wall Cat Litterbox Giveaway Winner Reports Back!

  1. Teresa Reid says:

    Awesome review Patti! Love that Miss Pink Sugarbelle insists on doing things her way and her way is great in these litter boxes too! All of our kitties love them and have never had any problems at all. Think these are especially nice for older kitties who might not be able to jump over the sides of regular cat boxes, but can just walk straight in to these and then straight out without any stress on them emotionally or physically. One other thing that I really love about these boxes is the durable slick finish. Have found these really hold up for a long time (over a year or more) without the finish wearing off due to the scraping of the litter again it together with cat urine. These seem to be impermeable to that happening for much longer than other boxes I’ve had in the past. Some of the boxes I’ve had in the past, after a short time when the finish is worn off, the plastic begins to hold the urine smell no matter how good I cleaned it and had to be tossed. These go for about 3-4 times as long or longer. Really good investment and love them!♥♥♥

    • Patti Johnson says:

      Why thank you so much, Teresa honey!!! Yup. Miss PSB definitely marches to the beat of her own drum!!! 🙂 <3

      Hey, I just adore the pics of Miss Illaria, Miss Gracie and Miss Mari on the NVR Miss Littergox website!!! They are so beautiful!!! Great photos (as usual)!!!! 🙂 <3

      You are so right about the durability of these litterboxes, too. I have an older white one that I got last year and it still looks brand new and shiny! I cleaned it up and am storing it as a spare right now because I had to "install" (if you will) the new ones the minute we got them!!! 🙂 <3 <3 <3

      • Teresa Reid says:

        Thanks so much for the sweet compliments about the photos on their website. They thoroughly enjoy using them so it wasn’t hard to get photos of them doing something they love to do. Totally understand about the “installation.” Ha, ha! Hope Miss Pink Sugarbelle enjoys them for years to come!♥♥♥

  2. plmcat says:

    great review patti! great photos as well and your cat is so beautiful! cats crack me up how if they get a new box or clean litter, they go right away. it amazes me how they can spontaneously pee and poop! haha!

  3. Patti Johnson says:

    Thanks again, Jenny, for a great giveaway and for posting what I believe to be a brilliantly written testimonial….lol *silly grin*

    Our baby girl is a STAR now!!! Lurve, lurve, lurve these litterboxes!!!! 😉

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    • Teresa Reid says:

      Well it absolutely is a “brilliantly written testimonial!” Love, love, love all the photos! Miss Pink Sugarbelle is a real star modelling in her pretty new boxes! Job well done to both of you!♥♥♥

      • Patti Johnson says:

        Awwww, thanks so much Teresa! That is high praise coming from an awesome photographer like yourself!!! Woo hoo! BIG HUGSS to you and your girls and Mr. Punkie!!! 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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