September 2013 Giveaway: Set of ModaPet Bowls

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I love ModaPet bowls and so does my mom.  So I was excited when ModaPet agreed to sponsor a monthly giveaway!  What’s even more exciting is that the winner gets to choose ANY TWO bowls that ModaPet makes!

ModaPet Giveaway on Floppycats September 2013

Giveaway Details:

  • # of winners: 3
  • Prize Details: Set of ModaPet Bowls (any two ModaPet bowls of winner’s choice) – see bowls here.
  • Open to Addresses in: USA and Canada ONLY

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win a Set of ModaPet Bowls:

  1. leave a comment on this post letting us know why you’d like to win as well as which ModaPet bowl styles and color you’d prefer – see bowls here
  2. For an additional chances to win (up to 5 more chances), share the link to this giveaway ( on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube, and leave a separate comment for each social network that you post it on – to let me know that you shared.  Be sure to use the following hashtags: #floppycats #giveaway and these Twitter handles: @floppycats @ModaPet when you post!  Here’s an example of what to post: “Enter to win a set of @ModaPet Bowls in the @floppycats September #giveaway #cat #pet”

This giveaway ends on September 30th, 2013 at 11:59 CT. A random winner* will be chosen in a drawing on October 1, 2013.

Can’t wait to see if you won?  Order now and use Coupon Code “Floppy20” to get 20% Off Your Order.

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  1. Hi, Jenny!

    So many great giveaways! YAY!

    I would lurve to win one of the Lemon Zest (as yellow is both my and Pink Sugar’s favorite color) and the Cool Azul bowls for my little baby girl!

    These bowls are AWESOME!

    Very warmest regards,

    Patti & Pink Sugar (who I thought would have wanted the Some Like It Hot bowl but she said it was TOO pink for her taste) 🙂

  2. This is a rock bottom bad time for my cat family, two have urinary tract infections, any little pick me up to keep the water flowing. We think Some Like it hot is COOL and like Sunflower for being 4 cup, but what really turns us on, water that is, a 4 Cup Mango Tango for a family of cats!

  3. Hi, Jenny,

    It would be just WONDERFUL if we could win a set of ModaPet Cat Bowls for 12 y/o Pekoe… Thank you for the opportunity!

    We have heated floors, and it’s awfully hard to find bowls that have some type of insulation on the bottom so water stays fresh and cool in the wintertime. These look like they would do the trick. In fact, I think I might have a set of the large bowls, already, possibly. I found one at one of those in an out-of-the-way-nook at one of those we-have-everything hardware stores, and I had to order it. Only, although the shape is similar, mine is orange (with a black insulated bottom) and has really neat paw prints all the way ’round the side. The large set worked wonderfully for my large collie, when he was alive. Now, a set of smaller ones would be just the perfect thing for my adopted sweet little lady.

    We’re partial to the “Lemon Zest”. A pair of them would be really lovely in my yellow and white kitchen and VERY much appreciated….

    Thank you!

  4. I like the angled bowl. It seems like a wonderful way to keep food in the bowl. Buzzby one how always has food piled outside his traditional bowl. Crossing our paws!!!

  5. Cinnamutt and Sapphire are my picks! With six cats in the house and one dog…there’s always someone in the house that needs a bowl!

    P.s. Cinna is my ginger foster-failed momma-kitty’s name and my birth stone is sapphire. 😉

  6. I would love to win because Modapet design elements take on a unique look and feel that differentiates the company from traditional pet products in today’s marketplace. My favorite designs are the lemon zest 2 cup and the sunflower 4 cup bowls.

  7. wow…artistic craftsmanship…these bowls are beautiful. they are as special as my 3 kittens! we would love to win and we’d put them upstairs, away from that dog of ours that would not appreciate them as much as us aristo-cats!

  8. Vlad & Barkly think those bowls are wonderful looking! Cinnmutt and Teal Appeal would look great in Mom’s kitchen too! The people get to eat off of fancy looking plates and the dogs are stuck with Stainless Steel! Why shouldn’t we have fancy stuff too?

  9. I would love to win the Some Like It Hot & the Tuxedo bowl by Moda…not only are they really attractive, chic & functional (I adore the pedestal for my puppy @MissStellyBean), they are original art like pieces that will really complement my decor & will sure be a point of comment by guests in my home. My 3 cats could also use a special treat (the Tuxedo) since we have a new puppy. Thanks so much for the chance to win! xx

  10. I would enjoy winning because 1) the bowls are BPA free 2) they’re dishwasher safe 3) the pedestal bowls are perfectly shaped to accommodate whiskers and 4) we could definitely use another set of pretty bowls. I like the pedestal bowls and would choose the small bowl in Pesto. Thank you for the giveaway.

  11. The glorious 2-cup pedestal bowls in Pesto and Lemon Zest colors are my favorite. I actually have a piece of wood which I put my old, arthritic kitty, Angel’s, bowl up on so she doesn’t have to reach and stoop to get her food (which is hard enough to get her to eat at all, let alone if she has to stoop over trying to get at it). So, these pedestal bowls look amazing and perfect for my old lady girl. Yes, we would love to try them! Thanks for working hard to get such useful giveaways!

  12. Hi Jenny,

    We just adopted our little kitten Dahlia and we’re on the hunt for some great shallow bowls for her to use. I love the color and style of these and am very excited for this giveaway. Right now we’re just using a stainless steel bowl from Petco.

    We would like the Lemon Zest and Teal Appeal.


  13. my ragdoll whom I rescued would eat and drink from moda bowls , his food bowls now walks him through the house while he trys to eat and we have found nothing that will not move on him, he would love the teal appeal BPA free moda bowls. thank you from sebastian

  14. MEW! We would love to have a Moda Pet bowl! They are pawesome! We like style of the teal one above, but would prefer it in the red color if it is available. Thanks for a chance to win. xoxoxo Dancer and the SDR Clan

  15. These are wonderful bowls for kitties with sensitive whiskers. These are Snoop’s fav bowl (Teal Appeal – so stylin!), and if she wins, she’ll send one bowl to her amazing foster mum.

  16. I would love these bowls for my new ragdoll kittens I’m picking up in a few weeks. They don’t have any bowls as of yet and these are just awesome! I would love a pesto for Diesel and a cool azul for Presley 🙂


  17. I love the Pesto 2 cups!
    My kitty’s would love to win this because they don’t like their current plane Jane bowls. I would love to win this because then my silly kitty’s won’t be able to tip over their water bowl when they want a fresh refill. Thanks for the giveaway, I love these bowls!

  18. Oh my, these are so pretty! I know my Filemon would love them as now him and his best friend/brother, maltipoo Ozzy get confused about which bowls are whose because they all kind of look alike! Fi would love tge Teal set, so pretty and unique! Thank for these awesome giveaways!

  19. I would love to get these bowl for my girls!! After doing some research, I’ve discovered that they need new bowls and I need to throw these out. :-/

    We would love ultra violet and/or tuxedo!

  20. My kitten Lily is a bit of a princess – I think she would love to have such stylish looking bowls – much better than the stainless steel look! Both colours are forgeous, but I think I’d have to go with the red, since I have to choose.

  21. These bowls are gorgeous! My cat, Shadow, likes a wide bowl where her whiskers don’t touch the bowl when eating so I’d love to win the Pesto and the Greyhound. I love that these bowls are non-skid and made of ABS polymer that is food grade and BPA free!!

  22. I would like my kitties to win because they have never had any really nice bowls to eat from and they deserve the best in life. they were all recused from college students in my area that seemed to think they could just move and leave their cats behind and someone else would take care of them. well they were right I guess because they are mine now but it wasn’t my plan or intention. i’m an artist and I struggle as well but I couldn’t let these cats live on the street. they were confused and sad but now they are as spoiled as I can afford and I adore them, they are the most precious in my life and would love some pretty bowls. any color and style is fine with us. thanks

  23. Hi, These Modo Pet bowls are so beautiful. My Ragdoll, Gracie loves to drink water and gets excited when I pour water into her bowl. I know she’d love the UlraViolet and the Cinnamutt bowls.She likes to watch me wash her bowls and is such a colorful Girl. These would be perfect for her, and her new brother that we’re expecting. Thank you for the opportunity. We’ll share on every socail web site.

    Evie & Gracie

  24. It would be so wonderful if I could add these beautiful bowls to my kitchen when I redecorate. My little furbabies would feel like they were royalty with these incredible bowls.. please choose us!
    Purringly your’s,
    Fuzz Bear, Shippo, Schlumpf, Gremlin, Chester and Mickey

  25. I been sharing these ModaPet Bowls with everybody. I also shared with Blogger and Pinterest, but don’t see the Pinterest here.
    Here is Blogger, I shared the video:

    ModaPet: Durable and Stylish Pet Bowls!

    Posted by Evie Gregory at 3:11 PM
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  26. I also shared with Pinterest. This is my 3 time. My last 2 posts didn’t take on here, but this should:
    Evie Marie Gregory • just now
    win a set of @Moda Pet Bowls in the September #giveaway #cat #pet”

  27. I love theses food bowls! The “Cool Azul” bowl matches Punkin’s eyes, but the “True Blue” bowl would be better for our multiple cats. We give our cats wet food every day for dinner and I am sure they would love to eat out of a real bowl unlike the paper plate we usually use. 🙂

    1. Hi Elines, Eventhough I’m copeting for these bowls with you and everyone else, I thought I’d help you out. It’s good that you shared with all these social networks, but you need not just write that you did, but show proof too. Just trying to help you out.:)
      For Example:

      I shared on Twitter see:
      Anacapri3 ‏@Anacapri3 21h
      September 2013 Giveaway: Set of ModaPet Bowlsvia @floppycats … via @floppycats

  28. These pet bowls are both beautiful and functional. For my blue-mitted Ragdoll, the cool azul would be perfect for the color matching his light blue eyes and lovely with his white fur. He REALLY likes the shallow broad bowls like this design to keep his whiskas clear. This would be a fine dining experience for him. For the second selection, the larger 5 cup capacity sapphire with silver lining would be fabulous for my Newfoundland dog Jewel, who wears a blue sapphire heart studded with little rhinestones on her collar. She’s truly a gem as is this lovely and functional bowl for a big ol’ Newfie. With as big heart as she has, deserves this beautiful piece and would compliment her ensemble!! She would love that stainless lining for her food AND her water….hmmm, which to use it for??!!

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