September 2011 Giveaway: Handmade Ceramic Cat Fountain

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You might recall the handmade ceramic cat fountain that we reviewed last year.  Well, Keith Davitt, who owns and operates CatFountains on Etsy has stepped up to the plate and offered a beautiful handmade ceramic cat fountain, similar to this one for this month’s giveaway:

Cat Fountain September 2011

This is the style of fountain to be given away but not necessarily in this glaze. The winner can select the glaze from those available. There will be a fountain bowl and a matching ceramic waterflower, like this one.

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win this beautiful cat water drinking fountain:

  1.  leave a comment on this post telling us why you’d like to have this fountain.
  2. “Like” Thirsty Cat Fountains on Etsy’s Facebook Page for an additional chance to win.

A random winner will be chosen in a drawing on October 1, 2011.

Can’t wait to see if you win the giveaway?  You can buy a fountain now and enter the coupon code floppycat2012 to get a 10% discount!


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  1. One of my cats is a former “trash can kitty” that I rescued off the streets of Detroit. She spent at least a year and a half on the streets, hanging out in abandoned houses and seemed to have made a mental map of all the houses with leaking water (including the one we eventually rented and had to fix). She completely prefers drinking running water from the sink to anything I put in a bowl, including boiled and filtered. We moved recently, and the new sinks are harder to drink from and not configured to take a faucet filter, so she honestly gives me The Look every time I direct her to her bowl. I think she’d adore a fountain!

  2. My cats love drinking from their water fountain, but these are so much prettier! I’d love the opportunity to replace the not-so-attractive Drinkwell with one of these gorgeous pieces. Thanks to Keith for offering one as a giveaway! (I have also “liked” his Facebook page.)

  3. I wold love to have one for my 3 cats: Princess Joc-joc, No-no and Kootchi-ku. It’s hot here in the Philippines so I think a Handmade Ceramic Cat Fountain will make drinking more enjoyable for them thence making them drink more water. And not just for my cats, but also for my sisters toy dogs ^_^

  4. Wow, that’s pretty! and so much nicer than plastic. I worry that the plastic fountain I use (which I really like) is not made of food-grade plastic. A ceramic one just seems so much better, and probably keeps the water cooler, too.

  5. My cats love fountain water — we used a Drinkwell for a long a time but you know those plastic fountains just get icky. This fountain is just totally classy for cats — i love it and i know my cats would love it!!!

  6. Would love to win this for all my furbabies, cats and dogs alike! My oldest kitty really loves fresh water and would be very happy to have a flowing fountain to drink from. Thanks for a chance to win this lovely fountain!

  7. I’d like to win to see if I could get my cat Diggory, who only likes to drink out of a running faucet, to switch to a fountain with running water made especially for him. It’d make my life a lot easier and keep him a lot better hydrated.

  8. I have recently lost two kitties to chronic renal failure and am trying hard to get my “currently healthy” boy Harley to drink more so he won’t follow after his sisters fatal disease. We live in a small place, but this would accent the area so nicely, and would be incentive for Harley to drink as he seems to be part raccoon and loves to play in the water anyway! Thanks for a chance to win this beautiful “functional artwork”!

  9. The design of this cat fountain is unique.
    I would love to win this for my 3 cats.
    One of my cats is diabetic and drinks lots of water, one is very picky about his water and prefers running water and the other trys to tip over regular water bowls.

  10. The blue ones are very calm looking, for me, because the cats don’t care
    about color. But, the ceramic is much better than the plastic ones in the long
    run because they are sanitary.

  11. Having two cats, one rescued ragdoll/mix and a himalayan, they both love to drink water and jump up to my sink when it’s on to lap up fresh water daily. This bowl would add a bit of beauty and fun for my twosome. Would love Jazz and Kiya to be winners of this lovely prize.

  12. These fountains are gorgeous, and so much more appealing than the plastic ones sold in pet stores! I have a couple of cats that LOVE to drink from running water, so it would definitely be a big hit in our house!

  13. Wow!!! Thanks for letting us know about these beautiful fountains! My oldest son moved out recently and now the kitties have their very own room (lalthough they’ve pretty much taken over the entire house 🙂 Tiki and Bella would love one of these beautiful fountains …. they’re so pretty I’d probably keep it in another room so we could see it all the time and watch the kitties drink! Liked the fountain page on Facebook too!

  14. Well to be honest, its Classy, Clean, Pretty, unigue, and most of all Sanitary. Any one of us would be very lucky to win this, Its would be wonderful looking on there placematt, rather than a bowl, or plastic fountain, Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  15. My two Raggies will not drink still water from a bowl – they MUST have a fountain, or I must cup my hands under the faucet in the bathroom sink for them. Their current fountains are both made of plastic, and work fine, but the ID tags on their collars tap on the edge while they drink, making tiny scratches, which fill with gunk that must be scrubbed (with Brillo pads) off each week – which makes more scratches. Ceramics which won’t scratch as easily and will be MUCH simpler to clean – so Zoey and Splashy! would both be very, very happy to win this lovely fountain. Their ‘Mom’ would be happy too, as it would look ever-so-much more elegant in the breakfast room. : )

  16. I would love the opportunity to win this cat fountain. We have 3 cats and I know they would love this great way of getting their water fresh. We have a large plastic bowl at the moment and it is difficult to bend down to refresh it, both my husband and I are elderly and I have arthritis and my husband had a partial hip replacement last year. I am hoping that I will be the lucky winner of this beautiful ceramic bowl.

  17. All my cats, but especially my oldest loves to drink from the faucet. This would be wonderful in our cat homr. Just love the way it looks too. Thanks so much for the chance to get one.

  18. My baby will be 1 on 9/20 and this would be a wonderful birthday present. We used to have a fountain, but it broke and she loved that so much. We just haven’t been able to fix or replace it yet. So this would be just so perfect.
    Thank you so much for a chance at this giveaway, it couldn’t have come at a better time….lol

  19. This fountain would be so perfect for our cat Pharoah. He will only drink water out of a running water faucet. We can’t leave the water running all night, so he wakes us up when he wants “his” water faucet turned on so he can get a drink.
    I think he would be so fascinated with a water fountain that he would claim it as his very own new water source. This would help both my husband and I to be able to sleep better at night.
    Hope I; no I hope Pharoah wins this fountain.

  20. My three cars would love this. I have recently taken in my son’s cat because he could no longer keep her and she has developed a sore on her chin. After reading about the problems of plastic on Keith’s site, I realize this is just what she needs. Thanks to both of you for offering it. Also the fountains are really pretty and would be a great decorative, yet functional item.

  21. My cat comes running when she hears water running…………..I’ll be brushing my teeth with a cat fighting me for the tap, or I’ll be running the tub with kitty leaning over the edge trying to get the water, or watering my plants and kitty trying to drink from the watering can! I think my kitty really could use her own running water!

  22. These fountains are just gorgeous! A true conversation starter, If I had a fountain like this for my kitties I would have to find a way to display it and have the kitties able to use it. Very smart fountain looks so much nicer then any other fountains I’ve seen and would go with anyone’s decor. Every pampered feline needs a work of art to drink from 🙂 Best of Luck!

  23. This is awesome. These are the nicest fountains I’ve ever seen – beautiful designs! My kitties would love to have this so they can splash through the water and stand around in it while they drink… they’re kinda weird that way. And I can record them and make them YouTube day hehe. I have also liked Thirsty Cat Fountains on FB! Oh floppycats… you have the best giveaways! Thanks to you and those who sponsor your donations!

  24. Getting Mister E to water and making him drink are two massive undertakings in this house. I tried one of those mood fountains, and he ignored it. I prefer not to let the water run, even if Mister E would prefer it. And he just doesn’t seem to get enough to drink. This sounds like the perfect, healthy solution. Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. My cats would love this fountain. They go nuts for running water. I like the look of the fountain. It is the best looking fountain I have seen out there. This is so much better looking than the stainless or the plastic ones. It is a work of art!

  26. Our cats would love this fountain! I like this fountain because it looks great. It seems like it would be easy to clean and sanitary. We don’t like giving the cats water or food from something plastic. Most of the fountains out there are plastic and they don’t look very good.

  27. This is an attractive fountain. I have been trying to find something that Sebastian will drink out of other than the toilet, the sink, glass of water, sides of cold glasses, or the water in the bottom of a plant. He will go for so long without drinking, I will come home and he will go sit on the side of the bathroom sink and wait for me to put some water in the sink. At times he won’t drink out of a container but stick his paw in and lick the water off his paw.

  28. The quality of water is extremely important for my animals. Fresh, flowing water is sometimes hard to access.I have wanted a fresh-water fountain for them for a very long time, but until now never have lived in a place where we could set one up properly for them. The cats are extremely attracted to flowing water. At our new and current home, they live in a large 100% enclosure to keep out predatory wildlife. But to keep them safe, there is a compromise in that they also do not have access to natural water sources that flow. This fountain is incredibly beautiful and would make them SO HAPPY to have access to the freshness and the flow. We’d all be very honored and proud to have such a beautiful fountain to look at and for them to drink fresh water from.

  29. These are actually lovely works of art, would look great in my kitchen instead of the kitty bowls. My cat Mimi doesn’t drink enough water, and I think this may be just what she needs!

  30. We have four rescue cats that LOVE water. This would be far more attractive than than the little plastic dishes and would ensure that they always have access to fresh and clean water without having to change it several times a day.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  31. I have a 4 month kitten ragdoll, she has been with us for 1month. She has chronic diarrhea and I would like to see her drink more water. The cattery where she came from had a large drinking fourntain and I have pictures from the breeder with her drinking from it, I think this will encourage her to drink more.

  32. I have 2 kitties (Tabetha and Pebbles) They both love to drink out of the garden hose and from the faucets in the bathrooms. They love running water and I think they would really enjoy a fountain of thier own. And I think that the fountain is a very attractive way to leave water for them also.

  33. my cat, sarah, loves to drink from the sink faucet. i had to leave her for a wedding (only about 30 hours) last weekend, and she would have loved to have had fresh water. i would also feel better about leaving her alone.

  34. Just received one of Keith’s fountains in the mail today and it is WONDERFUL in so many ways! (craftsmanship, functionality, etc) One of my kitties has too long suffered with the chin acne as a result of the plastic fountains and I was searching for healthier alternatives. I would love to win another one for my lower level! Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

  35. I like Thirsty Cat fountains on fb: Burcin
    email: burcin.cevik.bir at gmail dot com

    I would love to win this for my cat Fifi. Fifi doesn’t like still water much. I am so afraid that she will forget to drink water and have a urinary infection that I place three different water bowls for her around the house.

    I think she would love to drink from this fountain and I can just put this instead of the three bowls. I hope that this giveaway is international!

    Thank you!

  36. These cat fountains are so cool! i just recently adopted my first kitty and I am learning a lot! She loves drinking from the faucet and so I would love to win her one of these as a gift 🙂

  37. Lucy was diagnosed with kidney disease this summer. She drinks incessantly from the bathtub faucet. She’s very adept at corralling me into the bathroom whenever I am up and walking around! (She also just likes the fresh water and attention…) Once or twice a week, I supplement her water intake with sub q fluids. She’s such an elegant little lady…she would really appreciate the constant availability of running fresh water (from such a pretty source), almost as much as I would!

  38. Very nice looking fountains, thanks for having the giveaway.

    My girlfriend has been begging to get a cat for years now and the time is finally right so I’ve conceded and we are setting up home to welcome a new feline. As excited as she is I can’t seem to convince her that we need a fountain for the cat’s sake. Surprising her with one of these unique art pieces would be beneficial for both our home and our new family member.


  39. My two cat’s Gilligan and Valentine, have been very patient with their traveling Mom for the past few years. Recently we have moved to St.Croix where collected rain water is used for everything! Unfortunately this water isn’t drinkable (my cistern was not treated properly) so they have become accustomed to drinking from water glasses when I arrive home from work. I would love to be able to fill this before I leave so they have fresh water all day (leaving a glass for them has proven to only evaporate throughout the day). Hoping to win!

  40. Keith’s fountains are well made and they are a beautiful addiiton to any home. I changed residences recently and unfortunately my fountain did not survive the move. My ragdolls loved it and I would love to have another, I tried one of the plastic fontains and they would’t drink out of it.We need another one of Keith’s fountains!

  41. This fountain would be the greatest present ever for my lovely Kitty, Maura, which just gave birth to 4 adorable kitten !

    She was adopted by a Russian family living in my country (Morocco), but they had to get back to Russia and gave her to us. We really take care of her and prepare special meals for her instead of industrialized food, but the only problem we have is with water as it’s hard to know when our little Maura want some refreshment.

    I even liked your facebook page and *REALLY* hope Maura’ll get her fountain 🙂 !

  42. My oldest cat suffers from acne so I am in search of a ceramic fountain to remedy this. These are awesome and I like to support a small business. We recently rescued a polydactyl 1/2 ragdoll to add to our family. He is amazing!

  43. I would LOVE to win one of these beautiful cat fountains for my kids. In fact I just posted about these on my FB page as I found these on Etsy and thought they were awesome! I need to have a fountain for my kids as it’s so important to keep kitties drinking enough water especially male kitties. Keith’s fountains are just gorgeous and whoever is lucky enough to win one is going to be very happy as will their kitties I’m sure!

  44. There once was a kitten named Mushu
    Who liked to drink water like you do
    He sat in the corner just poutin
    because he really wanted this water fountain!
    So his owner knew just what to do
    and liked Catfountains on Facebook too!
    Now Mushu waits for the doorbell to ring
    in hopes that the UPS man brings
    this really cool fountain to him
    and this contest he scores as a win!

  45. My cat Simba is a Maine Coon, he has fought very hard to over come anemia. He almost died. I love Simba and he loves water. A fountain would be a delightful way for him to get his fill of the ever tempting cool liquid!. Plus it is quite pleasing to the eye, another way to teach people to step up their animal’s living environment! Thank You!

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