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I own a Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll named Bootsie.  He is and has been my best friend though a number of hard times and during all the good times. I give Bootsie everything he could ever want including three cat gyms, a Lotus cat tree, and two cat climbing trees.  Bootsie is truly pampered and spoiled, but he is worth every bit of effort that is used to make him happy. 

Bootsie is aging and so far he has done so gracefully, but the vet reminded me that I shouldiFlora Probiotic be concerned with his digestive health as well as taking care of all his outside needs.  I agreed and started looking online for something that could make sure my feline friend’s insides were as well cared for as his outside.  I came across Sedona Labs iFlora Probiotic and knew that my search was over. Sedona Labs created a powder that contains iFlora Probiotics that can easily be mixed into Bootsie’s wet or dry food and go straight to work on his digestive health. 

I expect Bootsie to be around for many more years so I want to make those years as happy and healthy as possible.  I think iFlora Probiotics will become a normal part of our routine so that Bootsie will be as healthy as possible.

Order a bottle of Sedona Labs Probiotic for from for 29.93 + 6.01 shipping.

Do you use iFlora Multi-Probiotic for Cats? How would you rank it’s performance?

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