Seal Ragdolls

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The Ragdoll is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds. They come in 6 different colors (seal, chocolate, flame, lilac, blue and cream) and 3 different patterns (pointed, mitted and bicolor).

The seal ragdoll usually has a body color of a pale fawn or cream that shades gradually into a bit lighter color in the belly part and chest.

Seal Ragdolls are of many types, one could be a:


  • seal mitted
  • seal lynx bicolor ragdoll
  • seal colorpoint ragdoll cat
  • seal tortie point mitted ragdoll with blaze
  • seal tortie point
  • seal mitted lynx ragdoll
  • seal torbie bicolor
  • seal flame bicolor torbie
  • seal lynx ragdoll
  • seal bicolor ragdoll

A seal mitted ragdoll embraces a dark brown color with white mitts & boots and a white chin. While a seal colorpoint ragdoll has a body and chest color lighter than the point color, which is a dark brown.

Seal bicolor ragdoll on the other hand has a mask of an inverted white "V" and a pink nose. Most of the body color is a shade lighter than the dark brown points.

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