Caymus and Murphy

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Caymus and Murphy – Seal Mitted Ragdoll Cats

Caymus and Murphy on Chair

Murphy and Caymus at Vet

Caymus and Murphy are 5-year old seal mitted Ragdoll cats. Murphy has a blaze a little off center of his nose. They were born, August 15th and 20th, 2004.

Below there are a number of pictures herein of them as kittens and also as grown cats.

They are half brothers and were adopted from Bluegrass Rags in Kentucky. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find the link to their breeder’s website.

The picture above was taken when they were at the vet. Murphy gets scared at the vet because at the age of 18 months he got something lodged in his colon and had to have emergency surgery, again at Mission Med Vet…but it was first discovered at KC Cat Clinic (Rags’, Caymus’ and Murphy’s normal vet).

Caymus Pedigree
Caymus Pedigree
Murphys Pedigree
Murphys Pedigree

Caymus Sprawled Out on Floor

Caymus stretched out on the floor

Many cats hang out in sinks, like Caymus. The combination of feeling secure and the coolness that Caymus cannot achieve on bed sheets is probably why he loves sinks so. Check out to see cats a bunch of different cats in sinks:

Caymus in Sink

Caymus in a sink

Caymus Face


Caymus 10-6-09

Caymus on 10-16-09

Murphy 10-6-09

Murphy 10-6-09

Caymus and Murphy – As Kittens

As Kittens

They get along famously well.

As Kittens in Bed

Caymus & Murphy (Murphy is the one with the white blaze)

Caymus, Murphy and Rags on my Bed

Caymus, Murphy and Rags

When they were young, Rags tolerated them when they were asleep. When they were awake and kitten like he had no interest in them. Rags is 15 in this photo. Learn how we introduced Murphy and Caymus to Rags, when Rags was 15-years old – Introducing New Cats into Your Household

Murphy as Kitten with Tucker

This is Tucker with Murphy.
Tucker, a German Shepherd, is 6-years old in this photo.

Tucker and Caymus

Tucker and Caymus

To see videos of Caymus, please go to his video page: Caymus’ Videos

To see videos of Murphy, please go to his video page: Murphy’s Videos

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  1. […] I was 25, my parents got two Ragdoll kittens from Cindy Carpenter of Bluegrass Rags. They are Caymus and Murphy. Caymus is the floppy cat at the top of every webpage! You can learn more about Caymus […]

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