Scratcher Lounge by DKcat

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Scratcher Lounge by DKcatDo you have a cats scratching furniture problem? One of the solutions would be to give them this Scratcher Lounge by DKcat. It has a bamboo platform and the carpet tile that covers this cozy cat furniture is recyclable plus it can be cleaned and replaced.

There are 4 color combinations to choose from and the classic design of any of the unique cat furniture made by DKcat is created to please the most aesthetic or even stylish of decorating style. All the cat products from DKcats are individually handmade by the owner, Dani Kilmer, so you and your pet can get one of the best in eco-friendly furniture. 

Product Details:

Overall height: 1.75"
Overall length: 20.5"
Overwall width: 10.5"
Weight: 7 lbs.

If you do not want to have a cats scratching pole in your living room, consider putting the Scratcher Lounge in the corner, by the sofa or in front of the TV so as you and your family get together and relax, your pet will have their very own special space while lessening the risk of having them scratch your wooden floors or furniture. Providing kitty with this lounge will make them feel very special indeed. 

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