Scratch Lounge Double-Sided Cat Scratcher

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Scratch Lounge Double-Sided Cat ScratcherAlmost every cat in the world likes lounging around, sleeping, scratching, and relaxing and this might be the perfect one for your pet as it is wide enough to fit nearly any cat. Your pet can sleep soundly and comfortably as it can be used as beds for cats, and they will scratch away happily, and relax in peace. This product has two raised sides so your cat can use both sides and the bottom, which also means double the happiness!

It is so comfy that your cat may get to sleep soundly for the entire night and be able to get their kitty power naps. The Scratch Lounge Double-Sided Cat Scratcher is perfect for a gift to cats and it is something for your cat to call their own. This gives your cat an easier way to scratch those ‘hard to reach’ areas with ease. 

Fulfill your cat’s needs by providing them with the Scratch Lounge Double-Sided Cat Scratcher. You will just love the way they roll over and rub their body on their new cat scratch furniture. If you have a Ragdoll cat, Persian kitten, Siamese cat, or any other breed, they are sure to enjoy this kind of unique cat furniture. You will just love the way it will look inside your home and enjoy watching your pet make the most out of their new lounge. 

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