Scoopfree Cat Litter Box

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Scoopfree Cat Litter BoxFrom the Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll to the bicolor Ragdoll to the Tabby all felines must at some point use a litter box.  While many felines enjoy the outdoors as a rather large restroom, those that are confined to the luxury of a cozy house are forced to use a litter box.  The litter box is the necessary evil for indoor cats, but it no longer has to be a dreaded chore for the owner. 

Imagine a world in which a litter box only needed refilled every 30 days or a world in which the litter box scraped itself clean after each use.  A world in which the pungent aroma that drifted up from the litter box was kept to a minimum.  This type of world is available and it does not mean getting rid of your favorite bicolor Ragdoll.  You will not find this product in any of the Ragdoll books, but it is a must have for those who hate to clean the litter box with those old fashioned plastic scoops.  The Scoopfree Cat Litter Box allows for an indoor cat without the mess of daily litter clean up.  The Scoopfree Cat Litter Box cleans itself with a rake after each use and allows your cat to potty in perfect cleanliness each time.  Go online to find one for yourself.

Manufacturer: ScoopFree

You can purchase the ScoopFree Cat Litter Box at for 97.95 & it is eligible for Free shipping from Super Saver Shipping.

Do you own a ScoopFree Cat Litter Box? How would you rank it’s performance? Tell fellow cat lovers what cat products you like in our Ragdoll Cat Forum.

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