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Discount Cat ToysWhen it comes to looking after your cat’s well-being, there are several things a Ragdoll cat guide can tell you. Among providing for feather cat toys or cat playpens, you should also keep a well-maintained litter box.

To simplify your life, Scoop Free is a litter box that’s easy to use and manage. How does it work? There’s a litter tray filled with blue crystals that you just load in the automatic litter box. After turning it on, your cat can use it anytime.

With motion sensors, the Scoop Free litter box cleans for 20 minutes after your cat leaves the box. The blue crystals absorbs the urine and bad odor and dries up the solids. A rake sweeps through the crystals and the clumps are brushed inside a waste bin.

Replacement of the tray will depend on how many cats you have in your home. If there are more than two cats, Scoop Free advises to own another self-cleaning litter box.

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