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Oh no! Out of litter again.  A trip to the store, lugging a heavy container of litter, and then emptying the smelly mess out of the old plastic litter box.  This does not sound like a pleasant way to spend an evening, but many feline owners have experienced this exact situation. Whether the owner of a Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll or a Siamese, litter is a necessity for all indoor cats, unless of course toilet training is an option. There are sites on which you can order everything online for your cat, such as discount cat toys, cat climbers, and even litter, but unless it is reputable site like you can never be sure about the quality of product that will be received.

Scoop Free Litter BoxIf you do want the best for your feline friend then help out the owner. The best way to help yourself and other feline friendly enthusiasts is with a ScoopFree self cleaning litter box that does most of the dirty work for them. Scoop Free Litter Box offers a self cleaning litter box that your Ragdoll will love.  Equipped with a special compartment for holding the waste that is easily emptied, this litter box doesn’t require a litter change for up to 30 days.

You can purchase the Scoop Free Litter Box at for 97.95 .

Do you own a Scoop Free Litter Box? How would you rank it’s performance? Tell fellow cat lovers what cat products you like in our Ragdoll Cat Forum.

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