Ragdoll Rescue Indiana: Schroeder: Ragdoll Rehoming

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Ragdoll Rescue IndianaBeautiful pure bred Ragdoll cat. Specifically, a Blue Bi-Color Ragdoll. One look and you will fall in love! This cat is our second Ragdoll as we love their floppy, easy going manor. We purchased him from a breeder, but regretfully can no longer keep him.

Schroeder had a bit of trouble with forming crystals in his bladder early on, which were remedied by changing his diet to moist mixed with a bit of water. He can not have dry food. This has posed a problem with our older Ragdoll, who refused to eat when only moist was served, and lost several pounds. So, we feed them separately, but Schroeder is aware of being kept from the dry food and is jealous. This is causing him to act out by not using his litter box that the two share.

He us on meds for behavior modification, but I feel he would be happier if he did not have to be in a home with other cats. He gets along well and is very playful, but very jealous and it is unavoidable.

Schroeder has some endearing behaviors like standing on his back feet and stretching up his paws to you like a bear, or sleeping in any position. He is well groomed, and still has a kitten face although he is a big cat, as most Ragdolls are. He loves to be in the same room with you, and will lay nearby.
I am praying for a good home for Schroeder, where he is a loved member of the family. He is great with kids, but easy going as he is, the kids should be watched to not hurt him. He is not declawed, and has a scratching post that he lives and uses instead of furniture. Any other use if his claws seems to be purely accidental as he stretches them or plays.

Ragdoll Rescue Indiana

Here are pictures of Schroeder.  We actually made a calendar of him!  He also has a heart shaped “birthmark” or coloration on the bottom of his foot

Image available upon request.

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Age: 3 years
Sex: Male
Fee: $150
Location: Indiana
E-mail: Emailaud@comcast.net

Ragdoll Rescue Indiana
Ragdoll Rescue Indiana

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