SCAREDY CUT ® – The Silent Home Pet Grooming Kit

One of the best and unique cat products now available on the market is the SCAREDY CUT ®!
SCAREDY CUT ® was designed and invented to make simple and silent trimming and grooming to our pets especially the cats and dogs (since they are most likely bothered with loud noise and vibration of electric clippers).


SCAREDY CUT ® uses quality barber scissors as hair clipper’s attachment and guide to combing your pet’s hair/fur at the same time providing silent, non-vibrating, even length and good trim to your pet (with a set of high quality combs in six popular lengths).

Directions for use:



First thing to do is to make up your mind on the length of hair your going to trim. Being compatible with most conventional hair clipper guide combs Scaredy Cut come in many sizes. Six guide combs are inlcuded in the package once you bought it and when used it will trim to these following lengths:
Comb#1 – 0.5″
Comb#2 – 0.6″
Comb#3 – 0.7″
Comb#4 – 0.8″
Comb#5 – 0.9″
Comb#6 – 1″


Note: The shorter lengths indicated on the combs apply to their use with an electric hair clipper.


Second thing is to attach the selected comb number to Scaredy Cut itself. In order to do that, place the front edge of the mounting block into the V-shaped groove of the guide comb and then snap the latch in place at the back edge (the edge with rounded corners).


Directions when it comes to trimming your pet’s hair/fur:

Start by repeatedly brushing your pet’s hair. Do this step if and only your dear feline is cooperating, thus forcing them will result to injury for the both of you. Explain and present this activity as a treat or a good time so that your pet can be put on relax. 


By using the Scaredy Cut, only one hand is required, therefor you can use your other hand for handling your pet or maybe hold the excess hair to be cut, or simply brush the other part of your cat’s body in order to relax him/her.


Always remember to work or start trimming against the direction of hair growth, moving from th tail towards the head. Make single cuts first and then once most of the hair has been removed, start making multiple, rapid cuts, as the guide comb is pulled through the hair.



Safety Note: Although Scaredy Cut is much safer to use than any ordinary unguarded scissors, all precautions should be observed as always.
The guide comb guards the blades to lessen danger when cutting your pet’s hair, but you’ll notice that when the scissor is open wide there is an exposed tip although rounded for safety, care should always be practiced since this kind of product may cause discomfort to your pet.


Do not pull the fur into the comb as pulling your pets fur can cause discomfort and their skin, which can be very flexible, can be pulled up into the blades as well. Scaredy Cut offers the safest way to groom if done slowly and gently.


Note: Do not trim a pet’s hair if he/she is not under your control.


Scaredy Cut Awards and Citations:
  1. U.S. Patent Award last May of 2009
  2. Prestigious Editor’s Choice Award for 2010 from Pet Product New International and was featured in the magazines for the August issue.
Scaredy Cut – “one of the best cat grooming products ever!” – popular testimony from satisfied and regular customers of the Scaredy Cut.

For more info on Scaredy Cut you can check out this review by Floppy Cats.

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