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As the owner of two Ragdoll cats, one Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll and a Bicolor Ragdoll, I know how important grooming is to overall health. I have Ragdoll books that discuss giving the cats a trim to keep coats clean and manageable, but many cats are afraid of the noise that comes from traditional clippers.  That is where Scaredy Cut Kits come into play.

Scaredy Cut Kits feel like a comb to the cats, but offer us owners a way to trim the long hair that needs a shorter look, especially in hotterScaredy Cuts Kit weather.  Equipped with safety scissors this system works quickly and provides great results.

I personally do not like extremely short hair, but the Scaredy Cut Kit even has that concern covered with six different length combs. Simply choose a comb, place the safety scissors with rounded edges into the slot and start grooming away without the noise of vibration of traditional clippers.

Not only can I now trim my cat’s fur to keep him and her comfortable, I can save money by fewer trips to the groomers.  My cats enjoy the extra attention and Scaredy Cut Kits offer me the convenience of grooming and trimming all at once. 

Manufacturer: Scaredy Cuts

You can win a Scaredy Cuts Kit from in August 2011 or purchase the Scaredy Cuts Kit from for 29.95 & is eligible for FREE Super Saver  Shipping.

Do you own a Scaredy Cuts Kit? How would you rank it’s performance?

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