Litter Robot Discount: How to Save $50 on Litter Robot

As one of the most expensive litter boxes you can buy, it’s hard not to look for a Litter Robot discount or a coupon when you’re ready to buy one.

Update, October 29, 2023:

Chewy is offering a $30 Litter Robot Discount (via way of a egift card) on several Whisker Litter Robot products and accessories, plus you get their 365-day return policy. Enter Chewy coupon code JOY2PETS at checkout to receive $30 eGift card.


Previously, Chewy has offered this deal – so keep checking Chewy’s website around major holidays.

Screenshot of Whisker Litter Robot Discount Chewy - Litter Robot Coupon

Here was the deal Chewy ran for Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2022:

litter robot discount on chewy's website

Please be aware that this post was initially created for a sale that Litter Robot had many years ago. But it has morphed into a post about how to get a discount or find the product for less.

Please remember that the best Litter Robot discount might only be $25 with an affiliate link or referral link. However, where you buy it from might matter if you’re concerned about your cat using the product.

For example, you can buy it on the manufacturer’s website with a referral link and save $25 off your purchase. However, their 90-day return policy differs from a third party like Chewy, which sells it and has a 365-day return policy. Is $25 of savings worth that difference? Answers might be subjective depending on your situation.

Let’s get into it more, so you can decide where to buy it for your budget and household.

All products featured on the site are carefully selected by the editor of Floppycats, Jenny Dean. In addition, we may earn a small commission when you purchase something through our affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

Many Floppycats’ readers are fans of the Litter-Robot 3 Open Air automatic self-cleaning litter box by Whisker (formerly AutoPets) – we also first reviewed it in 2015

The Litter-Robot never goes on sale, but you can take advantage of Litter Robot savings with bundle deals.

Around major holidays, Litter-Robot will sometimes offer other Litter Robot Connect bundle deals that sometimes will save you even more. However, they generally only provide a Litter Robot discount on their self-cleaning litter box but rather deduct savings on complimentary products.

Does the Litter Robot Ever Go on Sale or Are There Promotions?

In general, Litter-Robot does not explicitly offer discounts, coupons, promo codes, or sales. They do tend to offer deals on their bundles around major holidays.

Litter Robot Discount Cyber Monday 2022 $75 off Bundles
Litter Robot Discount Cyber Monday 2022 $75 off Bundles

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”2CYnMj4m” upload-date=”2022-11-01T04:10:24.000Z” name=”How to Find a Litter Robot Discount – Buy Litter-Robot How to Save Money on a Litter-Robot 3.mp4″ description=”Ways to Save on the Litter-Robot 3 or Litter-Robot 4″ player-type=”default” override-embed=”default”]

Litter-Robot Discount Code 💰   

Litter Robot is pretty strict about offering discounts. Therefore, you’re unlikely to find a Litter Robot discount at most times of the year, and if you are, it will be more likely to be a bundle.

However, there is only a Litter-Robot promo during a major holiday, so look for a discount code around this time.

I have read on Facebook Groups that if you have never shopped with Chewy or have not for some time, sometimes they will send you a percent off site-wide coupon on your entire order to earn your business again.

Of course, it’s not technically a Litter-Robot coupon in that you can use it on anything. Still, it’s one of the rare times that ​Litter-Robot competitor coupons would help you get extra savings on a unit.

Litter Robot $25 Off

Although Litter-Robot’s website makes you think there is a promo code or discount code to enter at checkout, it’s not the case. For example, if you find a Litter Robot affiliate link, then it can give you $25 off your purchase of one if you buy through that link.

However, there is no Litter Robot affiliate code, only links. So you will see the promotion discount from the affiliate link once you get to the checkout on their site.

Litter Robot discount promotional
When you use an affiliate link to purchase your LR3 or such, the affiliate link shows a, “Promotional Discount” in the shopping cart.

What’s the value of the $25 Off Litter-Robot Promo Code?

Just remember to consider the value of that $25. If you buy from the manufacturer and don’t like the product or your cat doesn’t use it, you have to pay to ship the product back to Whisker and only have 90 days to do that. So sending it back will cost much more than $25. Whereas, if you buy from Chewy, you have 365 days to return it and will not have to pay for return shipping.

screenshot from Whisker's website of their 2022 Cyber Monday Litter Robot Discount $75
screenshot from Whisker’s website of their 2022 Cyber Monday Litter Robot Discount of $75

Litter Robot Referral Code

Again, there’s no referral code, per se – that $25 discount is only through affiliate links and purchases through Litter-Robot’s site. So if you buy your LR3 through Amazon or Chewy, for example, there is no discount. However, there are other advantages to buying through Chewy over Litter-Robot, which we explain below.

Does Litter-Robot have coupons?

Again, no, there are no coupons or promo codes. However, there are other ways to save, which are included herein on this page.

What’s Included in the Litter-Robot Bundles?

Suppose you’re looking for today’s best Litter-Robot coupon. Your best bet is to buy a bundle package because you purchase complementary products and then save on them.

If I were to buy the Litter-Robot, based on our almost 6 years of owning one that has all the accessories, I would definitely choose the “Whisker Litter-Robot 3 & Core Accessories Kit“.

🤔 How do these save you money?

Litter Robot Bundles save you money because if you were to buy the products listed within the bundle separately, then they would add up to more individually placed in your cart than if Litter Robot Bundles save you money because if you were to buy the products listed within the bundle separately, they would add up to more individually placed in your cart than if you were to buy them together, as Whisker has them listed.

Is there a cheaper Litter-Robot?

Yes, now that Whisker has come out with the LR4 ($699), there are two cheaper versions. The non-WiFi version of the Litter-Robot 3 is slightly less ($499) than the Litter-Robot Connect (the one with the Wi-Fi) version ($549).

Litter Robot Coupon Codes

As mentioned above, Litter-Robot does not offer discounts, coupons, or promo codes.

However, you can take advantage of savings by grabbing a bundle deal on a pet supplies site like Chewy. Litter Robot currently offers bundle deals, the majority of which provide an average savings of $30 off (which is a wee bit better than the $25 off). But you still have the problem of their 90-day return policy and having to incur the cost of shipping it back if it doesn’t work. Whereas with Chewy, you get a 365-day return policy plus $50 off.

Litter-Robot 3 & Core Accessories Kit $729.00 $699.00 ($30 Off)

✔️Litter-Robot 3 Connect in Beige or Grey
✔️Litter-Robot 3 Ramp – see our video below to see what we thought of these accessories
✔️Litter-Robot 3 Fence
✔️100 Waste Drawer Liners
✔️3 Carbon Filters
✔️Litter Trap Mat

➡️➡️ Chewy offers the this LR3 + Accessories.

I have read on Facebook Groups that if you have never shopped with Chewy or have not for some time, sometimes they will send you a percent off site-wide coupon on your entire order to earn your business again. So, in that way, it’s one of the rare times that ​Litter-Robot competitor coupons would help you with extra savings on a unit.

📦 How much does it cost to ship a Litter-Robot back?

Another consideration to make when looking for a Litter-Robot bargain is to consider the possibility that you might have to ship a Litter-Robot back. If you buy directly from the manufacturer, you have 90 days from the date of purchase to return it to get your money back.

When you buy a unit from Litter-Robot, the cost to ship it back is on you. And that cost will vary based on shipping rates from your city and state – usually, it ranges from $50-$90.

However, you can buy it from a company like Chewy. Then, you can take advantage of their 365-day return policy, which includes free shipping.

Robot Cat Litter Box

Have you seen the commercials on television for the robot cat litter box? The one that looks like a spaceship or a cement mixer? Yes, that’s the Litter-Robot 3.

50% Off Litter Robot Coupon?

Although it would be cool to find a way to get it 50% off, the truth is it simply doesn’t exist. So don’t believe sites are trying to get your click by claiming that they have Litter-Robot coupon 2022.

Litter Robot Promo Code

If you are looking for other ways to save on the Litter-Robot 3, our video helps to explain how you can save:

Here’s what that video covers:

  1. Use Litter Robot referral code
  2. Buy a refurbished one
  3. Buy one through a holiday-inspired bundle deal or one of their existing bundle deals as listed above
  4. Find one on Craig’s List or find a used or new Litter Robot on eBay or the like
  5. How One Reader Got it for free through Swagbucks

Where to Buy Litter-Robot

Official Litter Robots are sold on the manufacturer’s website,,, and a few independent pet retailer brick-and-mortar stores.

Want to know where to buy Litter-Robot in Canada? The best option is directly from the manufacturer.

✨ Save Up to $100 with Reconditioned Units ✨

There are also refurbished Litter-Robot 3s units that offer great value since you’ll receive a manufacturer-approved product at savings! But don’t think of these as used Litter Robots…

Litter-Robot sells returned and/or damaged units as “reconditioned” units at 20% less after they have been inspected by Litter-Robot (and any repairs are made by them before shipping them out).

These can come and go very quickly – so if you see one available, go for it, as it might not last.

BONUS! You can add an extended warranty to a reconditioned unit.

Here’s what we thought about the accessory kit:


Why Order a Chewy Litter-Robot vs. Direct

There are a couple of reasons you might buy your Litter-Robot from Chewy rather than from Litter-Robot directly or even Amazon.

One of those is delivery time. For example, states a 3-5 day shipping time, while with Chewy, that’s 1-3 days – and many readers had reported that they got theirs the next day when they ordered in the morning.

Second is the return cost. If you buy from Chewy and want to return your Litter-Robot, you won’t need to pay return shipping. With Litter-Robot, some customers have been charged $90 to return it.

Third is Chewy’s return policy.  You are given a 90-day money-back guarantee when buying from Litter-Robot’s site. However, you are still on the hook for the return shipping cost. But with Chewy’s 365-day return policy, you will have more time to determine if it suits your kitty.

Fourth is Chewy’s customer service.  I repeatedly hear from readers about how fantastic Chewy’s customer service is. But, of course, litter-Robot’s customer service is excellent as well. Still, Chewy’s can be one step above because of its return policy and free shipping on returns.

So if you are worried about whether or not your cats will take to the Litter-Robot, buying from Chewy might be the better route – as you have more assurance with returning it if it doesn’t work out.

One thing that’s more beneficial if you buy from Litter-Robot themselves is the price of the extended warranty. Whether you buy from or Chewy, you’ll get the standard 18-month warranty, with the option to extend it for another 18 months for $49 if you buy from However, some Chewy customers have said they could buy the extended warranty at a higher cost of $99.

Lastly, as with any reputable manufacturer, Litter-Robot will honor the product’s warranty as long as it is purchased brand new through one of the retailers they work with. So you don’t have to worry about buying directly from the company.

So, it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons. If you buy from Chewy:

  • You’ll likely get your Litter-Robot a whole lot faster.
  • If you need to return it, you’ll save up to $90 in shipping costs.
  • You can still get the extended warranty directly from Litter-Robot, although you may need to pay $99 instead of $49.

Litter Robot FAQs

Can I buy a used Litter Robot?

Our video, 4 Ways to Save money on the Litter Robot 3, will show you how you might find a used Litter-Robot, or you could keep checking Litter-Robot’s website for a refurbished one for more significant savings.

If you’re looking for a used Litter-Robot for sale, good places to check are Facebook Marketplace, NextDoor, and Craigslist. Some people have found them at garage sales too.

But be aware that if you are looking for a used Litter Robot for sale on Craigslist, for example, it will smell like the previous cat’s urine and feces, no matter how good a job the previous owner has cleaned it.

Some cats won’t mind this, but others will remember that your cat might not take to a used Litter Robot.

Can I buy the Litter Robot on Amazon?

Yes! They recently started selling the Litter Robot 3 Connect on Amazon. So it should appear when searching for a robot cat litter box on Amazon.

Usually, you can buy the Litter Robot 3 at Amazon, but sometimes stock is unavailable. They are reserving the product to be sold direct or through Chewy. If the Amazon Litter Robot 3 link is showing that it is out of stock, you should still check the Litter Robot site or Chewy.

Currently, in the USA, the Litter-Robot 3 is sold on the manufacturer’s website, Amazon, Chewy, and a select number of PetPeople stores that are the only physical retailer selling it – so if you are searching for Litter Robot 3 Amazon – you’ll find you have a few options.

The price of the Litter-Robot through and is the same as the manufacturer’s. However, the advantage to buying directly from the manufacturer is that you can get a bit of savings off the price of the Litter-Robot 3 through their bundle deals. For example, the advantage of buying on Chewy is its extraordinary return policy and fast shipping.

If you do not have an Amazon Rewards credit card, you can save up to $120 on a new Litter-Robot 3 Connect by signing up for the Prime VISA card.

If you are already a cardholder, you can get rewards back in the amount of either 3% (blue card) or 5% (grey card) to use on future Amazon purchases.

How often should I change the carbon filter in my Litter-Robot?

The carbon filter in your Litter-Robot should be replaced every three months, though this can vary. It’s essential to keep the odor trapped along with the cat waste.

Suppose you have more than one cat or a cat that uses the Litter-Robot a lot. In that case, you should change the filter more frequently to maintain the excellent odor control for which the product is known. Or you may find that you don’t notice the odor and can leave it a little longer.

Does iRobot make the Litter Robot?

iRobot is the company that makes Roomba vacuums and does not make a litter box at the time of this writing. However, suppose you’re searching for an iRobot Litter Box. In that case, it’s probably because you can connect your Litter-Robot to hundreds of other devices using IFTTT. So, for example, you can send an iRobot Roomba to vacuum when your Litter-Robot 3 cycles.

Litter Robot Outlet Scam?

Suppose you’re looking online for a Litter-Robot. You might have stumbled across, which offers the Litter-Robot 3 and the Litter-Robot 3 Connect for ridiculously low prices, below $100. and are scam websites (there will probably be more popping up as well).

Unsurprisingly, if something looks too good to be true, it usually is, and that’s the case here. Do not buy from this website, as you will lose your money. Litter-Robot is aware of this scam and is working to have it taken down.

When buying a product online, it’s best to make sure you’re shopping with a trustworthy retailer. The safest place is always to order directly from the manufacturer or a trusted retailer. So if you want to buy a Litter Robot, place your order at, on Amazon, or on Chewy’s website.

What are the most common Litter Robot complaints?

One of the most common complaints with the Litter Robot is that cats don’t take to it (don’t like it and won’t use it). Unfortunately, in many of those cases, owners still need to follow the instructions on introducing their cat to the Litter Robot.

There’s information provided in the box on how to carefully and gently get your cat(s) used to it before you make it their regular litter box. You must follow those instructions – step 1 of which – DO NOT turn the Litter Robot 3 on in front of your cats until they regularly use it.

Another complaint that pops up a few times in online reviews is that the Wi-Fi features only sometimes work, or the app might lose its connection to your Litter Robot, which can be inconvenient if you reconnect it frequently. But, again, you can find support on their website if you have trouble connecting the Litter Robot to your Wi-Fi network.

Other common issues include problems with the cat sensor or the globe jamming and not rotating correctly. See some of the more common Litter Robot issues if you want to know more. Most complaints are easy to fix, and they only happen sometimes.

What are the biggest Litter Robot problems?

As well as occasional technical issues, other problems can impact how it is used.

Sometimes, if a cat pees in the Litter Robot and then another cat enters before it has time to do a cycle and pees on the same spot, the double-clumped litter might be too big to fall through into the waste drawer on the first attempt.

This can also be a problem if your cat has health issues that cause it to pee a lot. Usually, even large clumps will fall through before you spot them, if not at the first attempt, then on a later cycle. If a clump doesn’t fit through, you’ll need to scoop it out manually, but that should rarely be an issue.

Another problem is overfilling. If you fill your Litter-Robot too high, it will be weighed down and unable to complete a full cycle. Ensure you’re consistently below the fill line, and remove some litter if you still need to. Some litter can be too heavy, and even filling to just below the line might be too much – it can handle 10 lbs, so try removing some if you think you’ve added too much.

Other times there can be some more technical issues. For example, you’ll know that the Litter Robot will be flashing its lights instead of the usual steady lights when it’s working. Read my post about a flashing yellow light – and how to fix it. Or, if it’s flashing all three lights, there are a few potential fixes that you can read about here.

Please look at my video, where I talk about some of these problems I’ve experienced in the years that I’ve owned a Litter Robot and how I resolved them.

Live in Australia 🇦🇺 or New Zealand 🇳🇿? Click here for your distributor.

Litter Robot Review by Kristen L., a Reader

“Thanks again for recommending the Litter-Robot! It has changed my life! It came yesterday! The thing is enormous, it would not fit in our small bathroom, so we put it elsewhere.

We poured some old litter into the Robot and left the old litter box in the bathroom, just in case. Maui has been using the Robot since last night. Today, he seems to prefer it also.

This is a fantastic invention; I love it! Can’t wait until he completely abandons his old box so we can stop scooping. FYI, Maui is 17 weeks.

Glad he isn’t picky with his litter box and has taken to it. He loves watching it cycle but doesn’t jump in while it’s doing it. For curious people, it stops if your cat jumps in. It will restart once the cat jumps out.

It costs a lot, but it wastes very little cat litter, so it will pay for itself eventually. If you’re on the fence about it, go for it. Scooping cat litter is the worst thing about owning a cat. This eliminates it.”

Litter Robot Reddit

If you’re searching for litter robot Reddit, then more than likely you’re looking for litter robot reviews or litter robot problems.  We have a bunch of videos that show these things on the Floppycats YouTube channel.

How the Litter-Robot 3 Works: A Quick Video for Cat Sitters

More Litter Robot Posts on Floppycats

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  1. I tried your referral link yesterday and it showed up but I didn’t check out. Now I’m trying to check out and the savings disappeared and I can’t get it back. Any ideas?

    1. Yes, they are switching out their affiliate programs – so we have a new link which I have replaced in this post. Shoot me an email – , and I can send you another. Both links should work until 9/20 – so can you send me any screenshots of what you are experiencing? Here’s the old referral link

  2. The $25 off does not apply to bundle deals or reconditioned units.

    1. Yes, definitely not to reconditioned units. And depends on the bundle deals – sometimes it will – like for Black Friday or something.

  3. Leighton Smith says:

    I have tried the link and can not get the deal, either.

    1. Are you in the United States or Canada? It will only work in the USA and Canada. And our Litter Robot affiliate link gives you $25 off – this is an old post, so they might not be having this bundle deal anymore. Are you on a mobile device? When purchasing on mobile, a user is able to see the savings applied under the “Order Summary” during checkout:

      Litter Robot 3 price savings

  4. Hello, the affiliate link isn’t working for me either. I am trying to purchase the clean bundle.

    1. Are you in the United States or Canada? It will only work in the USA and Canada. And our Litter Robot affiliate link gives you $25 off – this is an old post, so they might not be having this deal anymore. Are you on a mobile device? When purchasing on mobile, a user is able to see the savings applied under the “Order Summary” during checkout:

      Litter Robot 3 price savings

      1. Leighton Smith says:

        I see the savings but when I click the check out now, it does not come up at that price.

        1. Are you on a mobile device when you’re trying to order? Our Litter Robot affiliate link will give you $25 off – and should be reflected in the final price. Are you in the USA? Can you provide a screenshot – you’ll need to email me, so I can ask Litter-Robot, please.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The affiliate link is not working for me. Can you help?

    1. What’s not working – are you sure it isn’t? Others have thought that and then realized that it did when they have checked out.

      1. Hello, the affiliate link isn’t working for me either. I go to check out and the price savings doesn’t show right away, it just shows their existing savings of $30 for a total of 648.99 instead of 678.99. After I click on add to cart and proceed to check out, I opt for my amazon sign in and every time I do this the next thing it takes me to is a page with 3 cats and a shopping cart on the screen. No message or anything. I tried again, for the fourth time, and it finally took me to the check out, but the order summary is still the website price of 648.99 with no additional affiliate savings of $25, should be $623.99. I’m really leery of how expensive this all is, but your videos really paint a clear, wonderfully detailed picture of what an improvement this could all be for our family and 2 cats. We could really use whatever savings we can take advantage of.

        1. Hi Caitlin,

          Can you please send me an email – I can reach out to Litter-Robot more easily that way. Is it a bundle deal you’re trying to buy?

          Thank you,

  6. Great post & offer, Jenny!! What a great deal!! I hope a lot of Floppycatters out there are able to take advantage of this special package!!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!!

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