Savannah – Ragdoll of the Week

Savannah – Ragdoll of the Week

Savannah - Ragdoll of the Week 6Savannah is a 4 years old “Chocolate point mitted Ragdoll Cat” from a breeder Starliterags company. They’ve been breeding quality Ragdolls for 23 years. Savannah is a retired Ragdoll from her breeder. And I was looking for a Ragdoll kitten online and I saw her on Adult Cat for Sale on Starliterags website. Then I was in love with her already. She has beautiful colors and a pretty face. So, me and my husband put a deposit to hold her on the site. I never adopted a adult cat before. So, I have a feeling that is not easy because the breeder told us what to do before we have her. So, we start shopping for her needs. Also, shops for her litter box, cat trees, food and toys. We’re soooo exciting to having her in my family.

Savannah - Ragdoll of the WeekWe can’t go pick her up yet because the breeder need to bring her to spay. After spayed she need to get 2 weeks recover. So, we been waiting and waiting. Waiting for the time we can drive 4 hours to pick her up. We got a very nice pet case to bring along to put her in. She is very clam while in the car. She never meow she just sleeping all the way back to Iowa City for 4 hours. I was surprised that she is not scare at all because people said Cats hate long rides. We were hoping she is a good kitty and She already show us she is so clam and lovely. We pet her while she on the road. She only sleep and sometime open her eyes and look at me. But she close her eye so fast. She try to get another position to not look at me while I am petting her in the car. I wasn’t thinking she will be so stress and sad at later.

Savannah - Ragdoll of the WeekWe were surprised that she is so afraid of every single things. She explore her room and jump in the Cat tree condo. But She never come out for 2 days without eat and drink. We start to so worry about her. We don’t know what to do and we doesn’t want to try to take her out. So, my husband suddenly take the dry food bowl in front of the condo and she start open her eyes and gets up to eat her try food. I was so happy to see her start eating. So, we keep on doing that everyday. She finally jump down and go check her water fountain out and drink her water. I feel so happy and see she start eat and drink again. We waited 3 weeks to see her exploring all around the house. Take 2 weeks to get to hold her couple seconds. She is a sweet cat. She use her litter box and scratching post well.

Savannah - Ragdoll of the WeekAnd now, this is finally 1 month and 3 days she is in the family. She finally trust me. She is just so sweet. She love u to brush her she love to be held. She doesn’t have bad habits. I feel so lucky to have her in my life. She follow me where I go now and let me hold her and sit on my me for awhile. She love me to pet her and she love to be around us all the time. She come meow at me and want me to pet her. I just so happy that she finally know that is her home here. I am also glad that she loves to be brush. So, I can brush her everyday to keep my house clean. I am glad that I bought her even I really do have a kitten someday. But her breeder wants her to be an only spoiled kitty. So, I am not thinking to have another Ragdoll yet. Sometimes, She will wait me at the kitchen because she knew I will give her some can food at that place. She is just a sweet lovely ragdoll. Love to having a adult cat to make me learn to become better pet owner. Thank you Savannah.

Savannah - Ragdoll of the Week

Savannah - Ragdoll of the Week

Savannah - Ragdoll of the Week

Savannah - Ragdoll of the Week

Savannah - Ragdoll of the Week 8

Savannah - Ragdoll of the Week 8

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11 thoughts on “Savannah – Ragdoll of the Week

  1. wendyknits says:

    My sweet Loki is also a retired breeder, and there was a bit of an adjustment when he first came home with me. He bonded with me almost immediately, but was pretty wild those first few weeks — no doubt the shock of the transition. But he is now settled and happy, and it looks like your dear Savannah is too. I love the idea of adopting a retired adult and giving him/her a long happy life as a spoiled beloved pet and I am so happy to see when others do it too!

    • Iris Grossman says:

      yes, you were right. Savanah is very hard at first time she came home. she don’t let me hold her for the whole month.
      I would love to see what Loki looks like.
      I was thinking the same way u do. adopting a retired adult and giving him/her a long happy life as a spoiled beloved pet is very important. I am glad me and my husband make this desition. Thank you.

  2. Teresa Reid says:

    Savannah is SOOOOOO beautiful! Love that you gave up getting a kitten so you could adopt her. She is so blessed that she has you as her Mom and can see how much you have done for her and how much love you and your husband are giving to her. Maybe some day, she will get a little sister/brother Ragdoll, or maybe she will be your only little princess. Either way, you will have a lot of happy times together. Wishing you a very long and happy life together. Thanks so much for sharing her story with us!♥♥♥♥

    • Iris Grossman says:

      Thank you so much. maybe someday I will getting a brother for her but right now she is our home’s princess. = D

  3. Beth says:

    Savannah is exceptionally beautiful and I’m so glad she has you two loving parents! 🙂 Since she is four years old and wasn’t spayed until recently, she might have already had some kittens. If so, she will surely accept a kitten as her own when you get one.

    My Sarah Sally Brown was a rescue, so scared when my friends brought her to our house. Just like Savannah, she was afraid to come out and socialize. When I came home with our next rescue, little kitten Calliope, Sarah was so excited! She has mothered Calliope ever since. It’s really sweet to watch them together! 🙂

    Wishing you a lifetime of happiness with your gorgeous Savannah… thanks for sharing her pictures and your story!

    • Iris Grossman says:

      Thank you so much for recommend me to have a kitten later on. I will think about that. I also agree with u that she already a mother with a lot of kittens before. so, she might take care the kitten. it is really good idea and I wasn’t really thinking about that. thank you.

  4. lrunning says:

    What a pretty girl and it sounds like it’s a mutual love affair between you two! Glad she’s having a quiet, spoiled life after the work of having kittens. Thanks for sharing her story!


  5. Patti Johnson says:

    Awwww, thanks for sharing Savannah’s story with us! She is truly a STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL girl!!! So happy she is finally at home with you and your family! Sounds like she transitioned pretty darned well for an adult cat. Wishing you many years of love, happiness and good health together!!!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    • Iris Grossman says:

      Thank you~ I finally get to say thanks to ppl comments here. I am also glad that I can able to be Savanah’s mom. she is so sweet. She start to follow me around and let me hold her and she will kiss me all the time. what a sweet baby ^^

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