RW SGC Willowtreerags Sylbr8 of Magnadolz – Ragdoll of the Week

Here’s an update on my Ragdoll, who was your “Kitten of The Month” on January 15, 2014.

Sylbr8 Ragdoll of the Week 4 weeks old
WillowTreeRags Sylbr8 of Magnadolz @ 4 weeks old

She is now, my retired Queen, “RW SGC Willowtreerags Sylbr8 of Magnadolz”. My beautiful seal mitted Ragdoll, born 03/10/2013 at Mable Roberts’ Willowtreerags cattery, in Boston.

Sylbr8 Ragdoll of the Week Coming to California with Mabel and Anette
Coming to California with Mabel and Anette

Sylbr8 (Pronounced “Celebrate”) was flown into California, from Boston, by Mable and Anette Roberts, when she was 13 weeks old.

Syl has been to cat shows all over the 48 connecting states, awarded her SGC, (Supreme Grand Champion, the highest title in TICA), in Arcadia, CA, on 06/14/2014, by TICA Judge Marion Schiff Yates.

Sylbr8 Ragdoll of the Week Her SGC award from Marion Yates Schiff
Her SGC award from Marion Yates Schiff

In 2013-2014 season, I bought a new 32′ RV and put over 44,000 miles on it, with her, Black Doll, Billie Jean and Maggie on board, the 5 of us traveling to cat shows! We all had such a good time! We met, and competed against, Ragdoll breeders and exhibitors from all over the world!

Sylbr8 Ragdoll of the Week 1st professional photo by Diana Starr of Starrlight Photography
1st professional photo by Diana Starr of Starrlight Photography

At the end of the 2013-2014 season, Syl was:

  • 7th Best Ragdoll SW Region TICA
  • 22nd best Cat SW Region
  • 57th best Ragdoll TICA International

Syl comes from a long line of “talkers”. Her Sire, “OS RW SGC Willowtreerags Apollo Amadeo” is a “talker”, as are most of his offspring. TICA judges aren’t used to Ragdolls “talking”, so I had to quietly advise every ring clerk that, she’s not angry, upset or in pain, but, unless she has a sparkling or feathered toy in her mouth, she’ll always have something to say.

Sylbr8 Ragdoll of the Week 1 year old photo by Helmi Flick
1 year old, photo by Helmi Flick

It was an honor for us to meet Denny Dayton, the Godfather of Ragdoll, at a show on November 15, 2014. Syl purred happily when Denny held her (along with every other Ragdoll at that show, baptized her with his tears, as he told her she was his favorite. His last Ragdoll was a seal mitted.

Sylbr8 Ragdoll of the Week Syl with Denny Dayton
Syl with Denny Dayton

At home, she enjoys Animal Planet, (but, not the violent episodes), movies, her favorite is “Stuart Little”, helping with laundry (and watching the washer/dryer spin-she thinks it’s cat TV), LOVES anything from “Relax My Cat” music and being a Mamma to the many kittens that she had. She loves trips to Petsmart, where people make a fuss over how pretty she is.

Sylbr8 Ragdoll of the Week With one of her many awards
With one of her many awards

She’s has her teeth brushed and face washed twice a day, is combed every day, and bathed every month. She has a mani-pedi every 2 weeks.

When she showed, she was bathed/groomed before EVERY show. So, if the show was Friday, Saturday and Sunday, she was bathed, conditioned and blown dry on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Their show grooming was done in the RV and took THREE hours per cat!

Sylbr8 Ragdoll of the Week Poster at a Ragdoll Congress photo by Helmi Flick
Poster at a Ragdoll Congress, photo by Helmi Flick

When the pandemic is over and we return to our local shows, Sylbr8 will, once again, be in the show ring, this time as an alter. (Altered cats have been spayed/neutered).
I’ve been told that the judges enjoy seeing the mature Ragdoll. Since many of them remember her from Kitten Class (under 8 months old) and Championship Class (for cats who are intact and breeding), it will be interesting to see how she does again, this time as an 8-year-old. She loved to show when she was younger.

Sylbr8 Ragdoll of the Week Syl with her babies She had litters of 6-8
Syl with her babies. (She had litters of 6-8)

Syl is the love of my life! I can’t thank Mable Roberts Borak for trusting me with this precious Ragdoll!

Sharon Shulby
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