Rojo just had a birthday too!

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RojoHappy B-Day Charlie!! You’re looking pretty handsome in your birthday hat!

So, while not a Ragdoll, Rojo would LOVE to win such a fabulous gift in celebration of his 10th birthday that just passed! Rojo LOVES new kitty goodies, and is always in the box before I can get things out! We never thought that he would make it this far because he has been "end stage" FIV for the past 3 years. That means that he has no immune system with a white blood cell count of less than 1000. A common cold could kill him (along with many other things). While conditionally approved meds have helped keep Rojo with us and feeling pretty good, it’s only a matter of time now. I feel like I’ve been waiting a lifetime for more studies to be released on the meds and/or the final approvals. Because of the lack of information, I’ve only used the meds in emergency situations (against my Vet’s recommendation).

I adopted Rojo and his brother Simon (also FIV+, but very healthy) after their rescue from a Hoarder’s house in Miami. Nobody wanted them because of the FIV, and their lack of socialization at the time. I adore them both!

I’d love to see a gift go to Pinellas Humane Society because they helped me out with a newborn kitten that I couldn’t foster because I couldn’t risk fostering any longer with Rojo’s advanced condition. They named the baby "Uno", and I’ll never forget the day I saw on their FB page that he had been adopted! I’ve always fostered bottle babies and felt just horrible that I couldn’t do it for Uno.

Name: Michelle Spayde
State: Florida
ShelterRescue: Humane Society of Pinellas

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