Review from Winner of April Cat Fountain Giveaway

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Bridget drinking from cat water fountain
Bridget drinking from Handmade Ceramic Cat Fountain

Guest Post by Liz Schechter

I opened the box I was mailed from Thirsty Cat Fountains, and the contents received many jealous oos and aahs from friends and family.  The pictures on the website do not do these fountains justice.  The glazes and detail work are really beautiful.  I was totally thrilled!!  It is definitely a piece of art.  I was a little daunted by the instructions about putting the whole thing in working order, but my fears proved to be ill founded.  And if I can figure this out, probably most people can too. (I lack putting-stuff-together skills).

Gwen drinking from cat water fountain
Gwen drinking from Keith Davitt’s Cat Water Fountain

The fountain is a major hot spot in my apartment.  Either one of my two cats are drinking from it or I am casting an appreciative glance over it.  Gwen, my 12 yr old raggie, is oh so sophisticated and drinks demurely form the edge of the fountain.  My raggie kitten Bridget likes to get right in and drink from where the water comes up.

I love this fountain because:

  • Cat Water Fountain
    Cat Water Fountain

    My cats are drinking more water more often which is so important for their health!

  • It is really beautiful.
  • It has a high quality silent pump
  • The seller guarantees some seriously great warranties
  • Did I mention it is really nice looking?
  • I know I won this one, but I can honestly say it would be worth the price.  I think I may have to get a second one for the bedroom.

Super thanks to Jenny who is all things, and Keith Davit of Thirsty Cat Fountains on Etsy!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Having read this review, I browsed to the Cat Fountain site on The owners were helpful in getting one in a color I preferred. It arrived within a few days, and was packed really well. Easy to assemble. My 2 Ragdolls were drinking from it within 5 minutes. Between their drinking, and normal evaporation, I add about 12-16 oz. of water a day. You do not hear the pump run at all – only the water trickling. It has cured my cats of begging for a drink at the bathroom sink. These fountains are well designed, well made, well packaged, and certainly more attractive than the plastic and metal mass-produced models.

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