Reoccurring Cat Dreams

Post Published on September 8, 2011 | Last Updated on April 1, 2021 by Jenny

Rags in his yellow bed that he always slept in the basement
Rags in his yellow bed that he always slept in the basement

As far as I know, I think most of us have reoccurring dreams, but do you have reoccurring dreams about your cats?  How about your dead ones?  I do!  I wanted to share mine, see what your interpretations were and also see what your dreams were.  Keep in mind, Rags has been dead two years.

Here’s my reoccuring cat dream:

I am talking with my mom in the kitchen at the house I grew up in, and I suddenly panic recalling that Rags is in the basement.

(Quick background information: my parents don’t live in the home I grew up in – in fact, I haven’t been in that house for 16 years.  Rags was 10 years old when my parents moved out of that house.  So I had him another 10 years after that – because of that, it’s crazy that’s where I am in the dream.  His litter box was in the basement at that house and he had a cat door to get in and out of the basement.  But the reason he is “locked” down there is because I remember him in his kidney failure state, where he didn’t move much.  For example, he didn’t venture out of the basement in my current house in the last 2 months of his life, unless I physically moved him – and then he would always return to the basement.  So he is stuck down there because he doesn’t  move much).

So he’s in the basement and has been there for days.  I run down there as fast as I can, and he is always there and miraculousy still alive.  I then bring him upstairs crying hysterically into his fur and apologizing to him and thank him for surviving!

I then wake up and realize it was all a dream.  It’s horrible, not only because I feel horrible that I’m irresponsible and left him downstairs, but then I have the moment of happiness that he is alive and I wake up from the dream and realize he is dead.   Maybe this post title should be, “Reoccurring Cat Nightmares”!

What Reoccurring Cat Dreams do you have?

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5 thoughts on “Reoccurring Cat Dreams

  1. Stephanie Everett says:

    I think it sounds like you love and miss your baby very much, and your brain brings that together with the anxiety you felt toward the end of his life regarding his health. After someone passes on, I think family, especially caregivers, feel some degree of guilt that they could have done more and maybe even have some survivor guilt. Take comfort in the fact you gave him so much love.

  2. melindahug65 says:

    When my Aslan, my precious Red Maine Coon boy, died, I kept seeing glimpses of a red tail racing through the house. Aslan was ill much of the last few years of his life, so he really didn’t do much running around. It wasn’t until I adopted my current Red Maine coon kitten, Gryffin, that I no longer saw those flashes. I think it was Aslan’s way of telling me it was time to move on.

    On to dreams, I still have a lot of dreams of my Ragdoll Merlin. He was a very integral part of my life (like all of my cats are). In my dreams, he is always acting as my guide. I think it is subconscious since he did in many ways guide me to where I am today.

  3. Genesis says:

    It’s always a little eerie having dreams about pets no longer living. The memories of caring for a sick animal are haunting and they are unfortunately, the memories that resonate most prominantly in dreams. When my Pebbles passed I kept having “phantom cat” sort of like what I imagine “phantom limb” to be like. I kept hearing the bell on her collar and would think she was in the room or I would hear her drinking water in the kitchen. The worst is, I would wake up hearing her vomit in the middle of the night because my anxiety wouldn’t let me rest when she was so ill towards the end. It was difficult but now I’m relieved that I only have fond memories of her and miss the touch of her fur more than anything. She used to sleep on a bed on top of my nightstand and now I have pictures of her looking cute with all these cute cat figurines around it like a mini memorial. I know longer have to sleep facing the other way. All I’m saying is that the nightmares are completely normal and I hope you have enough nice dreams about Rags to make up for the bad ones, or, this one bad one.

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks, Genesis -yes, I had all the things you described from the get-go – but now it’s just these random nightmares. A reader sent in a photo of her cat the other day – OMG _ looked exactly like Rags – blew me away.

    • Jenny says:

      I also always thought I saw Rags for a long time after his death, but not anymore – I haven’t had the dream for awhile, but I thought about it today when I was holding my mom’s Murphy, as I was telling him, “You are so lucky because you got to know my Rags.”

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