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Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Toys are a great way to give your cat adequate exercise and prevent your kitty from getting bored due to inactivity. There are also health benefits to playing with toys. Just as with humans, your kitty will not become obese and stay fit and healthy with exercise.  A remote control cat toy is a favorite among cats as they love to run and catch it.

Here are three great remote control cat toys:

Happy Hamster Toy
Happy Hamster Toy

A battery operated remote control cat toy that spins mice around a track is a wonderful way for your cat to have fun. Cats are sometimes attracted to squeaky toys and if your Ragdoll cat is larger, then you might consider a bigger cat toy that is available. If the toy is too small then there is the danger of your cat might swallow it. So, of course, you’ve gotta choose the right toy for your cat depending on its size.

Here are some more great toys:

Crocheted cat toys that are made from yarn are also a big favorite of cats. You can have a few crocheted rows knotted and your cat will love it.  You might also want to check out the hand made creations on Etsy to see what’s out there.

If your cat is not kept occupied with toys, he or she might use that energy on furniture and curtains, ruining them in the process.

A remote control cat toy like the ones listed above will give you the opportunity to share playing time with your cat. Theywill help build a strong bond with the cat. Playing with toys will help your cat develop its instincts for hunting and keep your kitty’s muscles strong.

Don’t buy toys that have loose ends or sharp objects as they can harm your cat. Always supervise your cat when it is playing with toys.

Does your kitty have a favorite remote control cat toy?  Please share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Remote Control Cat Toy

  1. Melody says:

    The hamster toy looks like it originated from Japan, based off of the hamster drawing on the box. Remote control cat toys seem to be a good idea especially for during the day when kitties are alone since most people have to work during the day. In the future, I might give the hamusuta a try!

    • admin says:

      yes, i believe it does. i liked to play with a remote control toy when rags was younger. i need to try one on charlie – i am sure he’d be into it.

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