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Refined Cat Litter Box - Cozy Cat FurnitureAre you sick and tired of cleaning up the trail of kitty litter? Would you like to be able to cover up the unsightly litter box yet can’t really find the right piece of unique cat furniture that has all the features that you want? Here is one cozy cat furniture that you might take into consideration.

Refined Cat Litter Box by The Refined Feline is quite elegant and know one will know that it is actually the litter box hideaway for your pet. It has an accessway that maybe placed on either side so you will be able to situate this in any corner of the room or practically anywhere in your home. Yet, there is more to this than just the extra storage provided by a top drawer – it will be able to help you solve the problem trail of kitty litter.

When you get a Refined Cat Litter Box, you may want to add a matching mat that will help prevent the litter from scattering around as there are slots in it to help clean up their feet. This may be the right solution to lessen all the hassles associated with litter boxes. 

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