Floppycats’ Reader Recommended Ragdoll Breeders

Doctor Zulu as a kitten

I am often asked for recommendations of Ragdoll breeders.  I learned long ago not to recommend breeders!  So I let readers do it =).

If you love the breeder that you adopted your Ragdoll cat from, then please post your favorite breeder in the comments section and be sure to include:

  1. Cattery Name
  2. City, State
  3. Country
  4. Website
  5. When you adopted your kitty
  6. Adoption Story

#5 and #6 are important to show the validity of the comment/knowledge.  Otherwise, I think anyone could post the rest.  Thank you!

If you’re on the hunt for recommended breeders – you will also want to check out our page on Bad Ragdoll Breeders.

How to Know if a Cat Breeder is Reputable: An Interview with Bette Willette

Sharon Shulby of Magnadok Ragdolls shared the following with me:

“In looking for a Ragdoll, please advise people that, first off, Google the cattery and “complaints”. If they have a history of scamming people, keeping their money, not delivering the kitten on the agreed upon date, selling sick kittens, what in the world makes you think they’ll be any better with you? You MUST do due diligence!

Also, ascertain if the parents have been tested for FIV, FeLV and HCM. And the breeder can prove it to the prospective parents. That any breeder who wants to send your kitten home at under 12 weeks old, isn’t doing right by you or the kitten. They get 3 vaccines, at 8, 12, and 16 weeks. I prefer that my breedings are fully vaccinated before they leave here. Also, younger kittens don’t have that time with their parents and littermates to socialize. This is VERY important for the well being of your kitten.

If the parents aren’t registered with FIFe, CFA or TICA, your kitten can’t be registered either. And there’s no guarantee that the kitten is truly a purebred RD.

What I can tell your readers, again, that if they do their homework before buying a RD kitten, there shouldn’t be a problem. Good luck!”

BEWARE! Ragdoll Breeder Scams

Apart from just bad breeders, you have to watch out for scams too – people that pose as Ragdoll breeders or home raised ragdoll kittens, but really are just scam artists.  Here are a few times we have encountered them:

Discussion on Facebook about How to Figure Out if a Breeder is Good or Not

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  1. Katherine Patton says:

    Our family, (well, ok, me… ) did a lot of research for months during COVID – and we were blessed to find and buy our ragdoll from AngelGirl Ragdolls in Virginia, USA. There email is angelgirl_ragdolls@yahoo.com; and what we found out is that they do require you to fill out their contact form, but if you do, they are immediately responsive. WE ALSO VISITED THEIR HOME AND SAW THEIR RAGDOLLS. It really is just like on their website and their video’s. They have a lovely home that smelled great for a home full of cats! It was a very large yellow house, and they are genuinely nice people. First of all, just check out all of the info on their website. Even if you don’t buy from them, you will get all the info you want (and need) about ragdolls from their website. Also, the kittens that get listed online are their more expensive kittens. They have kittens that never make it onto their site because they sell so fast. This is 2021 and they had kittens from $1800 and up. My research showed that good breeders were all selling above $2200. That’s really the lowest we found for HEALTHY, tested, purebred, registered ragdolls that were raised in a home and not in cages. LOTS of the breeders with cheaper kittens won’t allow visitors and we saw cages when we could visit.
    We picked a gorgeous, big fluffy seal boy we named Milo, and he is super lovable, super cute, very friendly, and acts just like a dog! We were so happy with him we are now looking to get a second kitten from them, and they text us pictures daily. Oh, I forgot to mention that they did provide us references and they all had great things to say. But our kitten says it all. He was well-loved before we got him, and I can’t imagine my life without him now.

  2. This site helped me identify a scam– https://ragdollkittenssales.com– right before I sent in my money. So heartless. When I realized it was a scam– they only accept payment from non-purchase protected sources for one– I told my daughter, who burst into tears. At least we didn’t waste any money and are still on the hunt for a ragdoll kitten for our kids. Thank you for your help!

  3. Teresa Carpenter says:

    I recently lost my beautiful ragdoll three weeks ago. My husband and I brought her with us from Indianapolis to Pooler, Ga. We got her as a kitten in 2008. She settled quickly into her new surroundings, but on June 28,she died next to me. Lulu was 13 years old. I have been browsing for honest ragdoll breeders in Georgia. If anyone knows someone, please let me know.

    1. I am so sorry for your loss!

      I learned long ago not to recommend breeders! So I let readers do it =)

      Here are the pages on the site that you might find helpful:


      How to Know if a Cat Breeder is Reputable: An Interview with Bette Willette

      Watch out for scams – https://www.floppycats.com/ragdoll-breeder-website-scam-ragdoll-family-or-ragdoll-giants.html

      You might also search for a Ragdoll rescue, so we have the following webpage to help you find a Ragdoll Rescue in your area:


      If you find someone you like, you can always send me a link to their website and if I see any red flags, I will let you know – that’s the best I can do.

      Good luck! Hope that helps and hope you’ll share your new little one with us on Facebook when you get s/he.


  4. Kristie Casay says:

    Hi. My name is Kristie and I am proud to give you all the information on my Ragdoll Breeder which I love. My Ragdolls are Daisy and Lacy.

    1. Breeder name – Sweet as Candi Ragdolls/Candi
    2. Chino Hills, California
    3. USA
    4. http://www.sweetascandiragdolls.com
    5. Adoption date/gotcha date 07/11/2020 – Daisy and Lacy
    6. Story…

    I have always wanted a Ragdoll since 1992 and by 2018, I had spent close to a year talking to breeders and searching the internet until I came across Candi from Sweet as Candi Ragdolls. Candi and I spent a good year corresponding back and forth until she sent me the video that would change my life forever. Her Queen- Daphne a Blue Point Ragdoll along with King- Alaska a Flame Point Ragdoll had a litter of seven babies for me to choose from. I was looking for a Tortie Ragdoll and sure enough, this combo was a hit. I remember the day of 07/11/2020 like it was yesterday. I picked Candi up from the airport with Daisy and Lacy in toe. I was so excited and Candi spent the weekend with me at my home. I showed her around my town and had dinner and we were practically up the entire night watching movies, playing with Daisy and Lacy and gossiping like best friends. I was sad to see her go back home but we are definitely planning on seeing each other again for a family gathering. Candi and I talk almost every day and I send her pictures and videos of Daisy and Lacy. I can honestly say that Candi is now part of my family and we plan to see each other again very soon. – Kristie

  5. Dawn Carpenter says:

    The best breeder we found is Bluegrass Rags in Winchester, Kentucky. Please check out their Facebook page.

  6. For breeders in the UK…
    Unfortunately the breeder where our cats came from has now retired her cats, however, The British Ragdoll Cat Club (TBRCC) lists reputable breeders on their website and offers guidance to avoid being scammed.


    I believe they update this list regularly and remove breeders if they do not follow the guidelines. They also occasionally, in unfortunate circumstances, re-home Ragdoll cats.

    Our cats are pure bred Ragdolls and have GCCF papers. For UK people looking to buy a pure bred it is possible they could be registered with TICA papers or GCCF papers. I hope this helps someone as we had no idea there were such organisations having never owned a cat before.

  7. Semana Zhang says:

    I know this is an old post but does anyone know any reputable or good breeders in NY/NJ area? I’m having so much trouble screening these breeders or they’re charging 3K for a kitten. Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance!

    1. Jess Schwartz says:

      Following this – same boat!

      1. Hi.
        I’m looking into broadway ragdolls. Did you come across them when looking and did you find anything if you did . What did you end up doing.

        1. Anonymous says:

          Hi Baxter: This is Claire the owner of Broadway Ragdolls Cattery LLC in Wading River, NY. I just wanted to leave a note that we are state licensed cattery and vet certified as well as being a TICA registered breeder since 2013. We are also BBB A+ rated company. I would be happy to help you find the purrfect addition to your family! Please find our contact info on our website or Facebook page. Blessings, Claire

  8. Dazzling Ragdolls of Baltimore, Agata Brown
    Mount Airy, Maryland, USA
    http://www.dazzlingragdolls.com (website)
    https://www.facebook.com/dazzlingragdolls/ (Facebook)
    Adopted 8/15/2020

    For over 20 years we searched off and on for a Ragdoll. We believe in ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ and tried the rescue route on 2 separate occasions. Those attempts were unsuccessful. (In both instances we requested a ‘foster-to-adopt’ agreement with the understanding that, if things didn’t work out, we could return them.)

    About a year ago we started searching for a reputable Ragdoll breeder in earnest. Angle Girl Ragdoll (Washington, D.C. Metro area) was one site we researched. I sent 2 emails over the course of a few months asking about available kittens. There was no response to either email. Since their website indicated deposits were non-refundable, I wanted to learn more about the kittens, parents, etc., prior to submitting a deposit. I did complete their application so they’d have information about our home and us. In addition to the lack of response and their current prices (start at $3,200 and go up to $7,000), they feed (and require adopters to feed) their cats what I consider poor quality food.

    I sent an email to Jazzmania Ragdoll (near Lancaster, Pennsylvania) inquiring about their kittens. We received a timely response – albeit not the one we wanted to hear: she wasn’t breeding at the time. She recommended we look at Dazzling Ragdolls of Baltimore (Maryland).

    We almost didn’t contact that cattery because of some negative comments/reviews found on the Internet. Thankfully the breeder had provided responses which eased our concerns. At the same time, I came across the Floppy Cats website and asked for Jenny’s input regarding the various catteries I found on-line. Jenny was very helpful

    We contacted Agata and learned she had moved from Baltimore and much closer to us. She went above and beyond by answering all of our questions whether they were via email, phone or Facebook messenger. We also learned she keeps late hours, often communicating with me at midnight or later. We sent a deposit and were put on her wait list: number 37. Agata provided an estimated date of early to mid-October based upon what we were looking for.

    Agata sent us pictures and descriptions of 3 available kitties in July. They didn’t have the look we had initially requested but there was one we couldn’t resist. Covid issues prevented us from meeting mom, dad and kitty in person but Agata felt any of them would be a match to our request for an affectionate lap kitty. The health guarantee covers any hereditary/ congenital issues for 1 year, HCM for 2 years FIP for 6 months. Our baby came neutered, socialized and litter box and scratching post trained!

    Two weeks after bringing our kitty home he was terribly injured by our Golden Retriever. (He’s doing fine now.) When we notified Agata not only was she very supportive and understanding, she requested that we keep her posted and continues to ask how he’s doing.

    1. I read this post and could relate to a lot of what you wrote. I too prefer adopt don’t shop. And was lucky to get my first Ragdoll as a surrender at the shelter I was volunteering at 12 years ago. I was lucky. Because searching for another is difficult and exhausting. But after reading your post today, I decided to reach out to Dazzling Ragdolls. I’m so happy I did. I spoke with Agata tonight and plan to put down a deposit tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to write your post. It gave me hope and hopefully a new Kitty soon !

  9. Does anyone have experience with Maples (Indiana) or Fancicat Farms (Alabama)?

  10. Daina Moore says:

    Cattery Name: Mt. Cheam Ragdolls Cattery of Excellence
    City, State: Chilliwack, British Columbia
    Country: Canada
    Website: https://mtcheamragdolls.com/
    When you adopted your kitty: June 19th, 2020
    Adoption Story: My husband and I lost both of our senior tabby female cats at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am a nurse and everyday my grief was enormous, compounded by the stress of working in the healthcare frontlines. The day that Rhonda from Mt. Cheam Ragdolls replied to my email about getting on her waiting list was a MIRACLE. It took a few weeks but eventually it was my family’s turn to choose our Ragdoll baby. He is beautiful and the light of my life. I still miss my female babies but he is helping my healing tremendously. He is very clean, litter box trained, on a healthy Royal Canin kitty diet and I also received a kitten passport for health and a care package with trial health insurance. As a nurse, I am very picky about cleanliness and infection control, and of course I am very careful to use all COVID-19 physical distancing precautions. Mt. Cheam Ragdolls made the exchange of the kitten so safe and I was comforted by that. We named him Jasper, which means “little treasurer”. He is a very loving, sweet, and beautiful baby boy Ragdoll. He missed the cattery so much when we first brought him home. When I saw the Instagram page for Mt. Cheam Ragdolls, I immediately knew why my baby was so sad. The cattery is so amazing, large and a cat paradise with a crate, cat towers, shelves on the wall, toys. I have a large crate set up in my living room, so I hope he likes that when he is ready. I was told who Jasper’s parents are so I could see their pictures. That is so neat. I have never seen “parent” pictures for any of my previous pets. Ragdolls are an investment but are so worth it! Our baby boy Jasper is the most special blessing and treasure of the 2020 pandemic! Thank you to Mt. Cheam Ragdolls! 5 stars and highly recommended for the best Ragdoll breeder experience. ~ Daina and Chris Moore, Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

  11. Has anyone adopted kittens from either Smoky Mountain Ragdolls (Shane Burton) in Indiana (previously Tennessee) or Blue Gem Ragdolls (Mary Eagle Horse) in Ohio? or know of their reputation? Smoky Mountain has mixed google reviews and I am having a hard time finding reviews for Blue Gem.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Did you get any information on blue gem ragdolls? I’m also having a hard time finding reviews

      1. did you find any reviews

    2. Mary is a dishonest woman. She scrubs off any negative reviews. I would not buy from her.

    3. Did you ever find anything on BLUEGem? Looks like she’s now in Savannah, GA

  12. San Diego-Los Angeles

    I think this post is old, but worth a shot. Has anyone heard about Doll Villa Ragdolls in La Habra Heights, CA (Los Angeles) area? Website is professional and breeder is Lauren Tan, who definitely shows her Ragdolls, many who are CFA Grand Champions. However I can’t find any online reviews good or bad. Anyone have feedback?


    1. Hi – I am also in the search for Ragdoll kittens in So Cal area. Just wondering if you did go with Doll VIlla? I am researching about them and a few other ones (Ruby Ridge, Ragbencher, Creekcats, Rock Creek). Perhaps you can let me know who else you have tried and ended up with.

      1. Hi there! I’m also looking into those breeders. Did you end up going with any of them?

  13. 1. Cattery Name – Arizona’s House of Rags
    2. Location – Waddell, AZ
    3. United States of America
    Breeder: Kathleen Nickeson

    We adopted our little ragdoll kitten very recently. My boyfriend and I just moved out to the Phoenix area and knew we wanted to adopt a ragdoll kitten as soon as possible. I googled ragdoll kitten breeders in the Phoenix area and Kathleen Nickeson immediately had a fantastic website, great information, and a good feeling overall. I decided to call her and ask about available kittens, the adoption process, general meeting and what it’s like, etc.

    Kathleen was more than happy to answer all questions, she had a litter due very soon and another one she was hoping for shortly after. We scheduled an appointment to go meet her and her babies. When you walk into her home, you can immediately sense that the cats are happy and are properly taken care of. The cats roam around freely, no cages, lots of toys, tons of room to play and walk around, food and water, all the essentials. She went over the adoption process, spay & neuter included, vet care, shots, quality of her cats, great health, etc. Kathleen is a fantastic breeder, very knowledgeable, and never pressured us into anything. She let us make our own decision.

    We now have our little ragdoll kitten home and it has been an incredible experience with him so far. Our kitten is healthy, Kathleen provided all our vet information in a nice booklet to have, and is readily available with any questions. Being new cat parents, we have had many questions. She’s happy to answer anything and everything. Would 100% recommend Kathleen from Arizona’s House of Rags for a healthy ragdoll kitty.

    1. Thanks for sharing Emily! I hope you will provide an update in a year or two, too!

  14. Schuyler D. says:

    Hello! Recently we attempted to purchase an adorable blue lynx mink female kitten from a Ragdoll breeder in Canada, but we were sadly unable to obtain her because of border closures. I was just wondering if any of you might know of a Cattery near Upstate NY that might have an available kitten that will be ready to go soon? We would be fine with $1,500 or less if includes spay/neuter, and our max would be $1,000 if does not include spay/neuter. We are heartbroken to lose the kitten we tried so hard to bring across the border but we are going to have to look for some more options in New York or the surrounding states, so… here I am!

    1. We might have a better responses if we slap this up on our Facebook page….sorry about your kitten – what a bummer. Please let me know if you want me to put it on our Facebook page. Best if I post it for you and send you the link.

    2. Schuyler,
      Please protect the ragdoll breed. Minks are not ragdolls. Yes. They were part of the results of creating the breed but the creator, Ann Baker, did not have minks as her ultimate standard of what makes a ragdoll. Note a white angora was used to create ragdolls…is a white angora a ragdoll? No. Only part of the making of a ragdoll.
      A ragdoll IS….read carefully. Ragdolls ARE a pointed breed. Minks are NOT (not point- not white) POINTED cats have blue eyes. MINKS DO NOT – green aqua coloring some even amber, I seen.
      This is marketing strategy and in no way are minks rare. I will explain what is rare. A male tortoiseshell (of any breed). Why? Because this is by random not by breeding selection (mink x mink = mink, why because they are the un wanted characteristics during the making of a ragdoll, not perfected yet. The end ultimate goal and when finished, you got a pointed cat with no undercoat unlike a mink) Minks can be created by selection, your guaranteed the result. Rare traits are those that are out of your control like a male tortoiseshell which is 1 in 3000 changes amongst the tortoiseshell lines (in ragdolls too) it is more difficult to find a red(flame) female than it is to find a mink which contradicts the ragdoll standard. If a ragdoll association brings in mink supporters to change the breed by adding minks to the standard, ragdolls would no longer be a pointed breed and would ruin the blood line by backing tracking to before Ann perfected the pointed ragdoll.

      Unfortunately, floppy cats article is misleading. She may not of had enough information during her research. But its very simple. Even if someone is a cat except with little knowledge of minks. . . Minks are not pointed or Blue-eyed. Not ragdoll.

      They were produced during the unfinished creations of the ragdoll. Like baking…a mink is a recipe with missing ingredients. The recipe wasn’t finished. Is cake batter a cake if it hasn’t been baked. Its simply bake batter and no one wants gooy smlime batter for their birthday. Unfinished. But in selective breeding, its the removal if trait that do not contribute to the end result. finished the minks was filtered out because this was not the goal of what a ragdoll is or was planned to be.

      Reference this link to learn more, originall post from Desi:

  15. Aliwinsmore says:

    I’m looking to adopt my first ragdoll baby. Has anyone heard of “My champion heart ragdolls” from Michigan? Any help would be appreciated!

    1. Eunice Zhu says:

      At My champion heart ragdolls, the deposit you put done might not secure a kitten for you. A friend of mine was just been told that the kitten she reserved is no longer available to her after she prepared all the kitten supplies and ready to welcome the kitten home. The breeder insists that she reserve the right to withdraw from the transaction without giving a reason.

      1. Had this exact same experience. Be careful.

      2. Hello Eunice,
        I believe you have been misinformed base on your post. I value your support for your friend but the information is misleading or dishonest.

        Your friend did not receive a kitten from me. That is true. .. She was on a waiting list (at the time a deposit was required to join the waiting list) she did NOT have a kitten reserved.

        All kittens are required to be evaluated at 10+ weeks of age and required a Purchase Agreement to officially be reserved. Your friend did not have this. I paid her deposit back, which took time due to her refusal to provide her info to send her deposit back the same method she paid. I remember she states she was entitled to the kitten she wanted, without considering breeders have first choice, simply because I still had her deposit. She did not have a kitten reserved, no purchase agreement signed. She passed on every kitten which were offered to the next person. Eventually she cooperated with me in regards to her deposit.

        I was waiting on development for one kitten she was doubtful and complaining about her too. Nearly demanding me how to raise my own kitten. Saying I need to play more with her or whatnot base on a video that is public on my YouTube channel. Note, kitten wasn’t reserved, too young and underdeveloped. She was under evaluation. The kitten development was improving (she was born a runt and was fading) but I decided to keep.

        Your friend did have a reason and the whole negative review on fb was base on the reason why she didn’t get a kitten. That part of your post is sadly either dishonest on your part or you were mislead by your friend.

        Your friend’s review is visible to the public posted on fb @MCHRagdolls with screenshots of the conversation we had, posted by your friend, to include her friends comments, similar to yours, people I never spoke to before her post.

        She wanted to negotiate with threats after letting her know I was keeping the runt kitten. I refused to work with threats. I wont ever allow someone to manipulate me with threats.

        I couldn’t meet her expectations, its as simple as that. I pushed to receive her info to refund the deposit. Eventually she got her deposit back.

        I later got word she purchase a kitten at nearly double my low price to her (only). Was told she was complaining about that kitten too.

        The kitten I was encouraging her to buy is named Larkin, now Simba. He is beautiful with dark blue eyes. But the dark coloring under his eye was a complaint she had. She sent me a screenshot with outlines of his imperfections. After not reserving him, he was offered to a next person.
        She was presented with others that didn’t meet expectations.

        Out of all the kittens, he had the best eye color and a beautiful expression. I felt he would have been a good match. Beautiful with dark blue eyes.

        If someone is looking for perfection, I’m not the breeder to look for. If someone is looking for “perfectly-imperfect” I can work with that.




  16. Lisa Daniszewski says:

    Cattery – Sweet Shoppe Ragdolls
    City, State – North Ridgeville, Ohio
    Country – USA
    Website – http://www.sweetshopperags.com
    When my daughter and I got our kitten – We adopted our sweet girl Coconut about a week ago
    Adoption Story – I have wanted a Ragdoll for many, many years, but with there being so many cats in shelters, I usually ended up adopting older cats. My almost ten year old daughter really wanted a kitten that she could help raise. She has been through a lot the last couple of years – loss of her grandfather, I moved us for a job, new school, etc. so I thought this would be a good time to get a kitten. I researched some local breeders, and no one had any kittens available. On a whim late one night, I came across an ad for a female Ragdoll kitten, and sent a message. The next morning I received a really nice message in return telling me all about her and tons of pictures. We then spoke on the phone and she was such a lovely woman, I made arrangements to pick her up in a few days. When I got there I was so pleasantly surprised. Her cats are raised in her home as beloved pets (I still want her secret on how she kept her house so clean and gorgeous). Our kitten (Coconut) was so silly and sweet, and immediately ran up to us. She provided me detailed information about her cattery, how to properly take care of her, all of the vet paperwork including the vet’s business card in the event my vet needed to call him, and she provided me with a really nice care package with some food, litter, and her favorite toys to get us started. My sweet girl was well socialized, litter trained, super healthy and happy (oh and I had never had a purebred cat so she explained all about how that process works and provided the necessary paperwork to me.) I have her phone number so if I have any questions I can email or call her anytime, and I send her pictures so she knows that she is loved and well cared for. Sweet Shoppe Ragdolls (and Lisa) is the type of cattery/breeder you hope you can find and is 100% just all about loving the breed and wanting to share that with others. Huge detail to not leave out – she
    DNA tests for HCM, so I know Coconut does not have the gene for this horrible disease. I am not sure if she ships or not, but if you are in Ohio or close state, and are wanting a Ragdoll kitten raised with love, attention, and the utmost care, I could not recommend them enough. She was the last of her litter (it was meant to be from the start – she was reserved but the person never picked her up or returned/answered any calls) or we would have gotten two, but we definitely plan on getting another when she has more kittens. We love our sweet girl so much!!

  17. Hello all,
    I live in Northern CA. Does anyone have any recommendations for reputable Ragdoll breeders on the west coast or nearby? I am so afraid of getting scammed by a bad breeder. It’s so important to me that any kitten or retired Ragdoll cat is healthy and well socialized and happy. Any recommendations other than going through TICA and CFA’s website is appreciated. I don’t think there website works very well with finding registered catteries. The search engine seems a bit buggy. Some of the websites of the catteries listed have not been updated. Looking forward to getting any leads.

    1. I’m in NorCal as well. Did anyone respond to your post, Jeannie? Where did you search lead you?

  18. Cora McCaine says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have been searching for a breeder in B.C. , Canada, and narrowed down to 2 breeders. The first one, Victoria Ragdoll, seems to have good reviews. But I can’t find any reviews/comments on the second one, Mt. Cheam Ragdolls. Has anyone had any experience with this breeder? I would really appreciate any input.

    Thank you!

  19. Sherry169 says:

    Hello Everyone –
    I am looking for a good Ragdoll Breeder in the CT/MA/RI area. I have googled some but would like to hear from my Floppycat brethren as to experiences. A must is healthy happy kittens and screening for HCM. I have recently lost my baby to HCM and I know how long it takes to find a good breeder, so starting now on the research for when I am whole again and can set out on the quest.
    Thank you all for any input

    1. Hi @sherry169, I know you posted this a few years ago but just wondering if you ever found a breeder in the New England area that you would recommend. Our 3-1/2 year old Ragdoll just died a few days ago, completely unexpectedly. The vets think it was a pulmonary embolism from what I told her happened, but with all the posts on here of Ragdolls with HCM , who knows if it was that. How did you know yours had it? Mine had no symptoms of anything being wrong but suddenly died right in front of us 🙁

      1. so sorry for your loss Heather 🙁 it’s always hard, esp when that young. Did you buy your kitten from a breeder in MA? I bought my Bailey in 2002, from a breeder in the Cape, Leona I think was her name. I forget the name of the cattery but I got papers, etc..and Bailey lived to be 18 yrs old, had to put him down in Sept of this year also, kidney disease. He had a really healthy long life though, never had issues til the last 8 mths of his life. I’m also looking for another kitten in the MA area. They’re so expensive now. When I got Bailey he was $600, looks like cost is doubled if not triple to get from a reputable breeder. There’s a breeder in TX looking for $700 but I read really bad reviews, so I’ll stay away, plus I don’t want to have a kitten flewn to me on a plane.

      2. Marcy Stemm says:

        Oh Heather…my heart goes out to you. Our rescue Ragdoll sickened and was gone within 4 hours on June 2. He exhibited no symptoms until 4 am when he had trouble breathing, miaowed piteously and could not stand up or walk. We rushed him to emergency vet who did tests quickly and informed us bloodclots in the heart broke off and traveled to his lungs and back legs, paralyzing him. She said it was HCM and nothing could help but to anesthetize him because it was suffering terribly. Our baby boy was held by his daddy, my husband, who talked to him and rubbed under his chin.Shermie started purring and opened his eyes. Then he was anesthetized. Our hearts are broken. He did not have a heart murmur and HCM went undetected. Nothing could be done for him. I am so sorry you lost your baby. I’m still in shock over Shermie’s sudden death. As a rescue kitten, he was unidentified as a ragdoll…they are totally white until they begin to mature.paid $100 for him. In looking around to try and “replace him” I am stunned by the prices. He was a seal, mitted. His points and markings were perfect!! He was with us 11 years. His quality runs between 3,000 and 5,500 dollars nowadays. We can’t afford that and there’s no guarantee our next ragdoll wouldn’t suddenly die from HCM . Apparently one can test for the HCM gene but it’s still not a guarantee.
        I hope you find, or have found, another furface to love. ❤

  20. Tory Hamilton says:

    Cattery Name: Angel Girl Ragdolls
    City, State: Fairfax, Virginia
    Country: USA
    Website: http://www.AngelGirlRagdolls.com
    When you adopted your kitty: April and June of 2018
    Adoption Story: I’m a college student in Virginia from Dallas Texas. I loved the website these folks had and they also were very responsive to my texts and phone calls, so I scheduled a visit. There home (inside and outside) is viewable on their website and it was just like the pictures… a big yellow Victoria farmhouse close to DC. The house was beautiful and clean, but more importantly I liked the couple. They were very friendly and helpful.

    I met with many of their cats just wandering about that came up to get petted while I visited with some of the available kittens they had. All of the cats and kittens looked healthy and clean, and there were lots of different colors and patterns to look at. I chose a kitten that is now a big part of my life, Maia, and she was not too expensive, I think. She was $950 in 2018. Some of their cat were a lot more expensive, but I wasn’t in the market for a show cat or a rare color.

    Best of all, they contacted me later to check in on how we were doing, and they offered a lot of good advice. Their website has a lot of good info too, which I appreciated. My kitten came with a carrier, liner, toys, dry food, a can of wet food, papers, a pedigree, and some papers for my vet.

    When I went back home to Dallas in the summer my parents fell in love with Maia, and so they bought a kitten from AngelGirl Ragdolls too. This time the wife flew with the kitten to Texas because she has family in Austin and loves to bring kittens to Texas. They didn’t charge extra for the shipping, (It was about $180 in 2018.) Both my parents and I have loving and healthy ragdolls, and since I visited their house, I thought people might appreciate hearing about it.

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