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Gizmo (owned by Karen Wilkinson)

Gizmo (owned by Karen Wilkinson) is always on the look-out for recommended products for Ragdoll cats – whether the recommendation comes from a breeder, a pet owner or a veterinarian. We also want to know what the product does, why it’s terrific, etc. Please learn more about great products below (simply click on the photo if you’re interested in purchasing one!) as well as suggest recommended products if you know of one!

Also, please note that is always on the look out for the best price that the web offers. The products below are recommended by readers, but searched for the best price before we posted them below! We believe with all the options of retailers today, why pay more when you don’t have to!

Yeowww! Catnip Toys – Banana, $5.49/each.

Amy says, “My cat has never much liked cat toys, however, this toy was totally different. He kept going back to play with it mroe and more. He never got sick of it and it certainly gave him that Catnip Kitty High!”

FURminator deShedding Tool with 1-3/4-Inch Edge for Cats, $18.51/each.

Annabelle says, “I totally love this brush for my cat’s coat. It has cut down on the amount of vacuuming I have to do and has eliminated the hair ball “turd” vomits that my cat used to get. It also is a great way to spend quality time with my cat…afterall, if you watch two cats together, they often groom one another…so I see this as me grooming my cat in that way!”

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Totally Natural Pet Shampoo, $9.90/each.

Mike says, “I really like this shampoo for my cat. I use it on my dog too, but I know this is for a cat website. The shampoo smells great (they have several different flavors that you can choose from) and does wonder for my cat’s coat. I like that it is all natural and safe as well.

Sarah says, “This carrier is great for travel on the plane or just to the vet’s office. It is flimsy, so can be folded up to store when not in used, unlike those tough plastic ones.”

Joan writes, “This carrier is great for a dog or a kitten..the pockets are great. You’ll need to read the weight limits, because if your cat or dog is too heavy, it may tip over!”

Rebecca says, “This shampoo really helps my cat from matting and also helps keep the oil off of his coat. He is getting older, so doesn’t clean himself as frequently, therefore, he is more oily than normal. It doesn’t smell the greatest, but it does it’s job and does it well. That’s why I I am recommending it. Thanks.”

Jill says, “Feline Enteric Support by Standard Process is a herbal tablet that my vet suggested that I give my kitty. 60 Tablets come in a jar. Basically, it provides general digestive system support and promotes improved intestinal function. In so many words, it helped my kitty poop!”

Mary says, “My cat, Buttercup, cannot get enough of this stuff! She loves it. They have a variety of flavors and all of the flavors have great fun names. I like the food because it’s all natural and good for my kitty.”

Kathy says, “My cats, Whiskey and Jazz, loves these treats. They are so stinky! But, man, they don’t stop meowing for them. It is really cute. They are all natural too–they are just shaved pieces of tuna.”

Are you a cat aficionado and have ideas of recommended products? If so, please contact about recommended products and let know your thoughts! Or use the form below to submit the product to

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