Reader Review: The MeowBox Cat Gift Subscription Box

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Reader Review The MeowBox Cat Gift Subscription Box IMG_2338

Reader Review The MeowBox Cat Gift Subscription Box IMG_2339

I have seen MeowBox before – but when Tom Selleck’s mom wrote me to tell me how much her kitty, Tom Selleck, liked it and how much she liked it – I asked her if she would do a mini-write up with photos about it, so other readers could learn.

“In this box he received 5 toys and most of them have catnip in them. This is the 6th MeowBox he’s received and so far all of the toys are made of good quality materials and have held up very well to his rough play. He also received some chicken treats in this box. He loves them! He’s received different treats in each box except only one box didn’t come with treats. Other treats that Tom Selleck has gotten in his MeowBox are salmon and tuna treats which he’s obsessed with. One box came with a cat pin for me. Even though I’m not one to wear cat pins, I still thought it was cute and thoughtful. I swear they put something on the MeowBox to attract cats! Tom Selleck goes bonkers rubbing all over it each time a new box arrives!

I’ve been very pleased with the quality of the products that has come in the MeowBox and Tom Selleck has been happy with it too!”

I have included a few pictures of other MeowBoxes that Tom Selleck has gotten.

Reader Review The MeowBox Cat Gift Subscription Box IMG_2529

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Reader Review The MeowBox Cat Gift Subscription Box IMG_1771

What do you think about cat subscription boxes?  Do you subscribe to one?


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  1. Great post, Jenny! Thank you so much for this SUPER PAWESOME review, Tom Selleck’s Mom! I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY LURVE that you named your precious boy Tom Selleck. My hubby and I are huge Tom Selleck fans. Lurve the pics and videos. So cute how crazy your boy goes over those catnip toys. So much fun to watch! 🙂 <3

    I have learned a bit about these cat box subscription services and I must say that I think they are WONDERFUL! I'm on the mailing list for the Cat Lady Boxes. I haven't committed to one just yet as it doesn't fit into our budget yet but I can see the value of this and what fun to get a box each month full of surprises for your kitteh(s)!

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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