Reader Product Review: Bird Catcher Pro Ex

The Most Amazing Cat Wand Toy

Bird Catcher PRO EXMy sister kitties Saoirse and Aisling just turned 1 and very happily received the Bird Catcher PRO EX as a gift, thanks to Jenny’s recommendation.

This is the most amazing cat wand toy we have used! It’s incredibly well thought out in its design and understanding of what cats love. By far, it is now the cats favorite toy. They will play with it so really long periods. Usually, we have play sessions and eventually they peter out and lose interest and go elsewhere. But with this toy, I have yet to get them to the point of losing interest in the Bird Catcher.

It comes in a flat pack and is very light weight but high quality plastic. The wand is retractable, making storage very easy. The wand has a very comfortable and well designed grip – which I really value because you will be using the Bird Catcher for long periods! It also comes with a storage case and 2 “guinea fowl feather flyers.” The guinea fowl flyers have beautiful long feathers and a high quality metal attachment at one end that clips to the end of the wand. The hardware looks to me like the kind you would see on fishing lures. It’s very good quality.

Well-Made Feather Flyers

Best Cat Toys The Bird Catcher PRO EXThe feather flyers are truly beautiful and very well made. They have a tiny jingle on them which is genius. I hadn’t appreciated how important sound was to my kitties for play, but that tiny jungle really does something to them and gets them really excited when they hear it and I think makes the already enticing feather cluster irresistible. From the first time I got it out, the kitties were at attention and took off after it like nothing I had seen. Who knew I had such fierce huntresses? I have had a couple of toys with small feathers, but they just never showed a lot of interest. I actually thought my cats just weren’t really that into feathers. Turns out I just didn’t have the right toy!

They have taken the most amazing leaps and bounds and flying acrobatics in pursuit of the feather flyer. I have tried in vain to really capture the action, but it’s exceedingly difficult to photograph or video when also working a wand toy (props to Jenny – she makes it look easy, it’s not!!). The feather flyer gives the girls a fantastic and fun workout, and they are very unhappy with me when I finally have to put it away. They follow me all the way to the cabinet I keep it in and meow at me afterwards.

I saw one advertisement for the Bird Catch PRO EX say not to let the cat see where you put it away because the cat will find it. They are right! I keep mind on a high shelf in a cupboard so they don’t get it out themselves, but I have had 2 experiences to show how intense the draw to the feather flyer is.

Shortly after receiving it, I had to run out of the house briefly, and I left the wand on the dining table. The dining table has always been strictly off limits to the cats and they have never gotten on it, ever. I’ve even cat cat food, treats and other toys on the table and they won’t jump up, so I was really lulled into thinking my little angels just knew better. Well – I came back in aftBest Cat Toys The Bird Catcher PRO EXer being gone a couple of minutes to find Saoirse has just gotten onto the table in pursuit of it!

On another occasion, I heard jingling up and down the hall and came out to find the wand had gotten taken out of its hiding place by a friend and the cats had found it on their own and were running around with it like crazy cats. But despite this period of unsupervised play – the feather flyer was still in perfect condition!

Potential Improvements To Be Made

I only have a couple of very minor areas of potential improvement from my personal experience, but they are all very minor in Best Cat Toys The Bird Catcher PRO EXmy opinion:

  1. The string came untied from the metal end early on, so I had to re-tie it. This actually was how the cats went running off with it up and down the hall.
  2. I wish there was something to facilitate twisting/turning a bit better – I do have to untangle the string at the end sometimes – though it’s doesn’t specifically interfere with play.
  3. While I have very high ceilings, I can imagine that fully extended, some folks might hit their ceiling/light fixtures during play. Not that you are twirling this around your head, but the natural arc you will make while moving the feather flyer around can go fairly high given the length of the wand and the string. Some additional adjust-ability might be helpful to some.

These are incredibly minor, however. Overall, this is hand down the BEST cat toy I have ever used. Highly, highly recommended!

Buy the Bird Catcher Pro Ex!

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4 thoughts on “Reader Product Review: Bird Catcher Pro Ex

  1. Carole says:

    This writers comment is so very true. The Bird Catcher Pro Ex is the BEST and I, too, have had similar experiences. My two boys love it and never tire of it. My guys are only 5 months old and the somersaults they do to get to it are almost frightening, lol. At end of play I was putting it on my hutch behind some books before I went to bed. In the morning I came out to find that the one kitty had jumped onto the hutch and pulled the feathers down. He couldn’t get the entire wand so the feathers were hanging over the books and dangling down front of hutch. They must have had a glorious time while I slept. Best cat wand ever. They like these real feathers over everything else. Thanks to Jenny for recommendation.

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    Pawesome review & pictures!!! Your babies really lurve this wand toy and that is FANTASTIC! Those guinea fowl feathers are the best, right? Our Miss Pink Sugarbelle goes NUTS over them!

    SO happy this wand toy is a HUGE hit with your kittehs (who are absolutely beautiful in those great pics, btw!)! YAY!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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