How a Reader Built a Cat Power Tower from Scratch DIY

Check out this awesome DIY cat tree project that Floppycats reader Cinde and her husband made after seeing our Cat Power Tower review.  Although the product is no longer made, she was able to make an even cooler cat tree.

In March 2017, Cinde, “Mom” to Ragdoll kitten sisters Mitzi & Tessa❤️, left a comment on our review of the Cat Power Tower, asking for the dimensions, etc. So I sent them to her. Size: 72″H x 30″W x 30″D here are the dimensions she wanted:

DIY Custom Cat Tree Dimensions

  • The dimensions of the platforms
    • 19x19x3 and carpeted lid is 1″
  • The distance between each platform
    • Bottom platform is 12″ off the ground, second tier is 16″ to the bottom, 20″ to the top, second to third tier is 16″ to bottom and 20″ to top
  • The distance from the floor to the top of the highest carpeted platform 56″

In May 2017, Cinde sent me an email with photos of their version of the Cat Power Tower – it is so gorgeous that I wanted to share and lucky us – Cinde was nice enough to let me do so.  Below are the series of emails and photos that I received from Cinde.

Homemade three-level cat power tower

You may remember a few months ago providing me with dimensions for the Cat Power Tower Cat Tree, so my husband could build something similar. I am happy to report that we just completed the project and it came out great!

How a Reader Built a Cat Power Tower from Scratch cat tree plans image3

We customized a bedding system on the platforms of the cat tree, so they are not only padded and plush, but removable and machine washable. My daughter designed and sewed machine washable batting filled pillows which lay on top of the removable wood “lid” of the platform – we then wrapped Sherpa (which we sewed Velcro to the perimeter of) around the pillow form and secured it to the underside of wood lid, where the adjoining Velcro strip is secured.

How a Reader Built a Cat Power Tower from Scratch image5

This creates a stuffed Sherpa “cat bed” with layers that can be easily removed and laundered as needed.

How a Reader Built a Cat Power Tower from Scratch free cat tree plans image4

We used untreated solid wood for stability and longevity to build the cat tree. We sanded the wood smooth and rounded all exposed corners for safety.

We left the wood natural versus varnishing it in case the cats decided to scratch at the wood, so they wouldn’t get varnish in their claws. Instead of attaching a scratching post to the top platform, we wrapped the tallest post in 1/4″ natural jute rope, so the have a scratching post from the ground level and the two lower platforms.

Homemade three-level cat power tower

Ultimately, because we chose to use solid wood and create custom bedding we ended up spending around $400 to build the cat tree, we estimate that’s about $100 savings over purchasing (and shipping to our home) the one that inspired this build.

Additionally, I prefer the poofy, removable, machine washable bedding system we created over stationary carpeted platforms on the purchasable variety. This is a solid, safe and sustainable piece of furniture that will never need to be replaced. It was worth every penny and all of the effort and love we put into it.

Thank you for providing the inspiration for these projects by posting your informative reviews! You make a positive difference in the lives of people and their cats with all that you do. Please feel free to share this info and these photos with your readers if you like. Perhaps it was inspire someone else to build their own cat furniture!

In August 2017, I checked in with Cinde to see how the kitties had responded to their tree (since they were in their “safe room” when she first sent it to me).

Our DIY Cat Tree:

How a Reader Built a Cat Power Tower from Scratch

They both regularly use their cat tree for playing during games of chase – they can zoom up and down all three levels at lightning speed. The “coolest cat” is the one who gets to the top level first! 😉

How a Reader Built a Cat Power Tower from Scratch 2

It is solid and stable – their is no way they can tip it over, even during hyper- play. It literally doesn’t move or shake at all when they use it. It is the only cat tree I will ever need, it’s rock solid!

How a Reader Built a Cat Power Tower from Scratch Ragdoll Cats image6

As far as napping and lounging, Tessa is a huge fan and sleeps in it daily. Mitzi however had chosen a favorite place to sleep prior to the introduction of the cat tree and continues to sleep there (in a decorative wooden box on my coffee table, lol).

How a Reader Built a Cat Power Tower from Scratch Ragdoll Cats image3

The oversized platform beds are so soft and super padded – perfect for them to sleep comfortably. I love knowing that all parts of the beds are easily removable if they need laundering.

How a Reader Built a Cat Power Tower from Scratch Ragdoll Cats image2

The only change we made to the cat tree (since my original email telling you about it) is that we applied several coats of clear 100% non-toxic varnish to the wood. The reason for this was that the smell of oils emitting from the cedar when we brought it in the house were very overwhelming and irritated my allergies.

I figured if I was that sensitive to the oils that he cats would be even more so. The varnish sealed in the scent completely and it is perfect for us now. I did have to special order the 100% non-toxic varnish (I couldn’t find it locally) and it was pricier than I would have liked, however it was worth it to me.

How a Reader Built a Cat Power Tower from Scratch Ragdoll Cats

I have attached a few photos of them playing on their cat tree.  

Last Update – November 2017

Shortly after my last update both Tessa & Mitzi began regularly napping on the cat trees daily (in the beginning only Tessa did).

How a Reader Built a Cat Power Tower from Scratch Ragdoll Cats image4
How a Reader Built a Cat Power Tower from Scratch Ragdoll Cats image5

….stay tuned for tomorrow’s post that features another great project Cinde and her husband created for their kitties!

I am sure you are thinking what I am thinking – too bad I can’t buy this – and I wish I lived as a cat in Cinde’s house!

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Such a SUPER PAWESOME & FABULOUS post for re-sharing, Jenny honey! TYSVM! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

  2. Cinde Shields says:

    Hi Jenny,
    Mitzi & Tessa want to thank you for featuring them and their cat tree on Floppycats! We love the article and your site. Thank you for inspiring us to build this cat tree, we appreciate you.
    Cinde, Mitzi & Tessa

  3. Super PAWESOME post, Jenny!!!! WOW!!! Cinde and her husband did a great job creating their very own version of The Cat Power Tower Tree!!! It’s GORGEOUS!!! Lurve the care and skill they used to make their super pawesome tree so very unique for them and their beautiful baby girls, Tessa & Mitzi (who are SOOOO GORGEOUS I just coo and smile each time I see a beautiful pic of them!)!!! 🙂 <3

    I cannot wait to see tomorrow's post to see what else they have come up with!!! 🙂 <3

    Thank you SOOO VERY MUCH, Cinde, for sharing this fantastic info with Jenny to share with all of us!!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  4. Patricia McDermott says:

    wow what a nice job! it’s absolutely beautiful and so are your babies. thanks for sharing your story with us.

  5. Teresa Reid says:

    Gorgeous kitties and cat tree! Yes, I agree that they are very lucky kitties to get to have that beautiful tree. Can tell a lot of love and work went into that tree. It’s just beautiful and PURRFECTT! Than you for sharing it with us!

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