Rambo the Ragdoll

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Seal Lynx Mitted RagdollHe was brought into the local shelter by owners who called him ‘incorrigible’. They said he was a constant source of irritation that paced and yowled and awakend them at 4am everyday. "He jumps on everything and breaks up the house." The final straw was when he leaped onto an irreplaceable oil painting and shredded it. We adopted him and found that the poor thing was simply bored. He now has toys (to his size and liking) and a huge cat tree. We call him Rambo. Recently, Rambo found that he could make noise with the electric pencil sharpener by sticking his claw into it. We unplugged the sharpener. Rambo needs a lot of attention and supervision but we happen to think he’s worth it. He’s just not your typical Ragdoll cat but…he’s our Rambo Ragdoll and we love him.

Kitty’s Name: Rambo
Name: Betty

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