Rakom Cat Grooming Tool – Three Row Rake Product Review

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Ragdoll Cat with Rakom Cat Grooming ToolRakom Cat Grooming Tool – Three Row Rake Product Review

I first saw the Rakom Cat Grooming Tool featured in a YouTube video by another Floppycats’ reader.  Unfortunately, the video is now private, so I cannot share here.

I then went on a mad search to find it and found it on Senior Pet Products’ website – I requested a product sample for review and they were kind enough to oblige by sending us two of the Rakom cat grooming brushes.

Three Row Rake has 35 teeth total with a wood handle.

Rakom Cat Grooming ToolThe Rakom cat brush features high-grade, carbon steel teeth that are heat-treated for strength, plus nickel-plated and highly polished to ensure easy movement through the hair.

The Three Row tool works on the undercoat better than the 1 or 2 row. Basically, you move up in rows, you move up in amount of loose hair removed.

I really ended up liking this brush.  Granted it doesn’t remove massive quantities of pet hair like a FURminator does, but it is nice to finally have a brush that Charlie tolerates and also removes hair at the same time.

Here is the arrival video:

Here is the final review video – beware there is a lot of Charlie close-up in this video!:

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