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I’ve been raising Ragdolls since the latter part of 1998 and we now raise kitties out of 3 adults whom we love to pieces – Capn Nimo (our male), Cheetah Monkey (our female) and Kuno Shiba (our female).

 Every once in a while we end up with a special kitten who just steals my heart.  I’ve always wanted to keep one of these pretty little creatures and see exactly how they turn out – plus it’s great to have an extra pet to show visitors how they may look when they become mature.

My other half was against it from the start.  He said, “We don’t need any more CATS!!”

 Well, I finally talked him into keeping my favorite little kitty whom by the way has a personality that can’t be beat, she steals everybody’s heart.


When people come over she is really conceited and loves to put on a little performance.  She knows when you are looking at her and then she starts the show.

Rainy is the daughter of Cheetah Monkey and Capn Nimo.  She is a seal bicolor mitted.  She loves sitting on the back of my chair when I am on the computer and she snuggles like a little seal pup.

As a matter of fact she is on my chair as I type this story… she got huge for a female and after we had her spayed she became really big boned…I can’t say enough about the joy this cat brings.

Rainy as a kitten with her mom, Angelkissed Ragdolls Cheetah Monkey
Rainy as a kitten with her mom, Angelkissed Ragdolls Cheetah Monkey

She has a clown type personality and makes us laugh all the time…I use her as a model for our advertising and even put her picture on our business cards for Angelkissed Ragdolls.  I’m so happy we have her in our lives.

If you wish to come visit us, Rainy made me promise to tell everybody they have to pet her first.  She really is quite the HAM.

Gail Vettel
Burnsville, Minnesota
Angelkisssed Ragdolls


Do you have a Ragdoll cat?  Would you like for she or he to be featured on Floppycats.com like Rainy?  Please read our guidelines for Ragdoll of the Week here and then feel free to contact us and submit your kitty’s story and photos.

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5 thoughts on “Rainy – Ragdoll of the Week

  1. Alexandra says:

    Be careful anytime you have more then 4 cats it is a job…I have 10 Ragdolls ranging from 16 years to 3 years of age. I have had them since they were born….I am not a breeder but the lady I got my first three ragdolls from died, she left a cattery that was going to the humane society if they were not rescued. I went and took them all and place some in good homes ….long story short this is what I am left with…..They are indoor cats …and seem to have long living genes…….all I am saying is …I would not change anything…but they are a job…one I signed up for…but a job none the less. I would not change a thing …they are all great little people…but they become your life period.

    • Beth says:

      I’m sure it’s a BIG job, Alexandra, but bless your heart for taking on all this responsibility. I sort of envy you with your houseful of Ragdolls 🙂

  2. Jackie says:

    Oh, Rainy, you are Angel kissed, for sure. What a wonderful little clown you are. Keep it coming. I can see you are a delight to your family. Good for you.

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