Rags – Will I Ever Not Cry For Him?

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Today I was getting some more things ready for the website and ended up scrolling through some photos of Rags.  I, of course, started crying and it makes me wonder if I will ever stop missing him.  I doubt it.  I suppose that’s just one of the things in life that you have to deal with.

For those of you that don’t know, Rags was one of the best seal mitted Ragdolls and of course, was my baby.  He was 5 months away from 20 years old when he died and put up a good fight until the end.  You can read about our last three months together by reading, Celebrating My Rags.

 As crazy as this sounds, Rags is the reason for this website and before he died he told the animal communicator that he wanted me to keep working on it as he knew it would be a success some day.  I don’t know what a success means to him, but to me, it means that I can fully dedicate my time to this site and this site alone!  What a joy that would  be!
There are tons of Ragdoll cat pictures on Floppycats.com of Rags.  But, I thought a video would be more fun at this point.  So I have posted one of my favorites of him below:

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