Rags Turns 19!

Post Published on February 19, 2010 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Rags Turns 19!

Rags' Eye 8-5-08

Rags turns 19-years old. Yes! The day has finally arrived! 08-08-08…I would have never imagined this two and half years ago when Rags was diagnosed with lymphoma.

How are we going to celebrate? We are going for a swim. I took video, while my sister was in the pool with him, so that all of you who have seen his swimming picture can see him in action.

I thought the photo above was quite appropriate for the situation. Rags doesn’t necessarily like going in the water–but tolerates it well. Heck, if swimming is good for older people, then why cannot it be good for his old bones? He just meows in a low tone at me, like he is saying, “If i could kick your ass, I would.” But there is no hissing, no trying to get away, just a “Damnit, I will pay you back for this” type of attitude. It is fun to see his little body swimming–Rags is just a little guy (a mere 10 lbs these days).

Since we went swimming in a chlorine pool, he had to have a bath afterward. I didn’t want the chlorine soaking into his skin.

Rags Turns 19! This is Rags before his swim. He isn’t terribly excited, but you can tell that he isn’t terribly upset either.

Rags Turns 19! This is Rags, a 19-year old Ragdoll, going for a swim. This will be the last time he ever swims, because I don’t think it is good for his coat to be in the chlorine, but nonetheless impressive that the little guy can do this and do this well at 19-years old. Oh, and believe me, he was not harmed in the making of this video. I love this cat to death and would never hurt him on purpose. Just got his adrenaline going for awhile! (Besides, you’ll notice my sister is right there to get him should something happen)


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2 thoughts on “Rags Turns 19!

  1. Jenny says:

    I was told by the animal communicator that I talked to after this event happened that Rags was proud of himself for swimming, as he wasn’t sure he could do it (eventhough my sister had her hand hoovering under him in the water) – so he did enjoy it out of pride. He, of course, swam many times before this – but! first swam when he was 14 or thereabouts – so it was later in life, not like Charlie and Trigg, Caymus and Murphy.

  2. Eve Kurpiers says:

    Hey wow for a 19 yr old cat he’s a good swimmer!
    (Better than ME ha ha)
    I had a little striped tabby named Linus at the lake, I put him in
    & he did desperate meowing as he swam, poor baby!
    I had a black cat who didn’t even like going on the dock!

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