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Guest Post by Kat

Ragoll-Kittens.com.au was launched just recently and is a site dedicated to this amazing breed of cats. Breeding Ragdoll cats has been a central part of our family life for a couple of years and this website was inspired by the most precious gift we’ve ever received, our stud Tilly.

We consider ourselves as newbies in the area of breeding Ragdolls and it was our aim to create a site to facilitate a platform to network with Ragdoll breeders encouraging them to share some experience and advice with fellow breeders like us to ensure that breeding standards are met and general guidelines are followed. We dedicated a protected section on our ‘cat chat forum’ for breeders to chat amongst themselves and also created a section for Ragdoll cat lovers to talk about general cat related topics.

Ragdoll cat lovers the world over are encouraged to share photos and contribute to the site through participating in the ‘Ragdoll of the Year‘competition, and by adding posts to our articles and forums, and browse our ‘Kitten For Sale’ section in search for that special kitten or cat you’re hoping for.

When we were first confronted with the task to find the right advice on how to care for our stud Tilly – as he was the first cat to join our family – we were in need of a lot of information, and fast. The internet is great but it is also full of information spread all over the place, so we wanted to create a space where Ragdoll cat lovers can go to find any information they want and need. We’ve started on this quest and already researched the most popular cat supplies and identified sites and suppliers in Australia. Some of them we have done business before or have come across some good deals or offers that we wanted to share with you.

We publish a new article or piece of research at least once a week. You can subscribe to our RSS feed to keep up with anything new. If there is something you’d like to see on the site or think we can do better, please send us your request via our contact us form. We look forward to chatting with you.

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