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Overall I’m an animal lover, but there has always been a special place in my heart for cats. Probably just like everyone else on this site! Luckily, I was fortunate to have extremely patient parents who tolerated the many strays and kittens I brought home with me.

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As a young adult, I never had the time and I didn’t live in an apartment that allowed pets, so I patiently waited for the perfect moment to get a cat. But I knew that the second I got the chance, there would be a cat in my home.

Ragna - Ragdoll Cat of the Week outdoorkitty

1 Year Waitlist

Ragna came to me in 2020. I had been on a waitlist for over a year for a Ragdoll. Finally, I was going to bring her home. When this tiny little kitten was brought to me, I couldn’t contain my excitement. She was playful and sweet. She was the softest thing I had ever felt and I instantly loved her.

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The Drive Home

I remember the drive home took us longer than expected. Thankfully she was an angel for the whole trip. Once in her new home, she was so brave! I had expected her to be shy or nervous, but that wasn’t the case. My husband and I stayed up until 4 a.m. with her.

Ragna - Ragdoll Cat of the Week Ragna - upclose

I live in a small one-bedroom apartment, but somehow Ragna was able to find every possible hiding spot. I work from home, so you think I could keep an eye on her at all times, but somehow she’d slip past me and hide.

I would panic and instantly start calling her name. Several times I’d find her sleeping in a small nook, but one time she managed to crawl through a hole into the walls of my kitchen island! Those were taped up soon after.

Ragna - Ragdoll Cat of the Week yawning

The Menace

As Ragna got a little older, she was a menace. Such a cute kitten, but a menace. She loved to be chased. She would run into a room all fluffed up and ready to fight. She never backed down from anything. Sometimes I would be vacuuming and she straight up refused to move.

She’d lay right in front of the thing and look at me as if I was bothering her! She also decided that fetch was her favorite game. She’d find a spring toy and drop it next to me while I was working and meow and meow until I threw it.

Ragna - Ragdoll Cat of the Week RGirl

Nowadays, you will likely find Ragna lounging outside on the patio or snuggling with her kitten sister. She still loves to play but is a little less demanding about it. She loves the outdoors and being carried in the cat carrier on trips. Everywhere I bring her, people always comment on how beautiful she is — and she, of course, laps it up.

Not Photogenic

One thing that cracks me up is that she is such a beautiful cat…but she struggles (bless her heart) to take a good picture. My computer is full of Ragna photos where she’s sneezing or her tongues out, or it’s completely blurry. She blames the photographer.

Ragna - Ragdoll Cat of the Week RagnaOutside

Unfortunately, Ragna is also a little clumsy. Her fluffy feet make it easy to slide on the hardwood, which can be a problem when chasing toys around the house. For a cat so regal looking, I guess I expected her to act like a proper princess, but she plays hard and never holds back…and I love her so much for it!

Ragna - Ragdoll Cat of the Week

I cannot imagine my life without Ragna. She is my little queen kitty, warrior-cat, clumsy-fluffy girl.

I do have an Instagram account for her, @ragna_duchessofdenver

It’s nothing impressive. I just love Ragna and enjoy showing her off to the world.

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Ragdoll of the Week or Floppycat of the Week on Floppycats isn’t a contest or really a selection process – as long as you follow these guidelines (that keep us sane), and submit your story and photos in full, your kitty will be next in line for Ragdoll of the Week or the Floppycat of the Week. If you are interested in submitting your kitty as Cat of the Week, we welcome you to share stories and photos of your cat or cats with us and Floppycats.com’s readers.

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We know that not every Floppycats.com reader has a Ragdoll cat. And we’re not Ragdoll cat exclusive, so we started a Floppycat of the Week so that readers that don’t have Ragdolls could share their kitties too! Or readers that do have Ragdolls and other kinds of kitties, could share their whole house of kitties individually.

Read more on how to share your cat story.

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