Raggie doll Buddy luv

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My interest with ragdolls began when I went to a cat show and saw how cute and floppy they are.Buddy came from a breeder who had 15 years experience with ragdoll cats.the breeder is called Raggeleda ragdolls PH:92952814.she is highly recommended.I thought of the name buddy because it means friend and the name just seemed to suit his wee little face.He is 7 months old and I first had him at 13 months.His birthday is 12/4/13.he loves playing with his toy mouse that he picks up in his mouth,he has a fascination with the shower and his favourite food is roast chicken,least favourite is dry food.when I give him a bath I blow dry his fur which he also doesn't enjoy.

Kitty's Name: Buddy
Name: Alyssa
Where: Western Australia

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