Ragdolls–Short Lives??

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Ragdolls CatsDo all Ragdolls have short lives? As far as I know, neither of my boys was purebred but they were definitely Ragdolls. My Gorgeous Gizmo died suddenly of a heart attack at age 10 in 1996. My Magnificent Moosie passed away from cancer last month at age 11. They both loved me just as dearly as I loved them. I always have several "kitty kids" (four now) that are rescues in one way or another. Like human children, they are special with their different personalities and I adore them all. Here is a photo of Moosie when he first got sick. His little friend Sam was about to wash his ears. When I downloaded these pictures with the "angel light" around Moosie, it was very comforting. I just wonder if Ragdolls, being so big, have shorter life expectancies as big dogs do…
Kitty’s Name: Magnificent Moosie
Name: Beth
Where: South Dakota

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