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Dandenong Tora Rhianne resides at Ciara Ragdolls in Germany
Dandenong Tora Rhianne resides at Ciara Ragdolls in Germany

Do you live in Europe?  What can you tell me about Ragdoll Cats in Europe?

Once upon a time, I was thinking about adopting a Ragdoll Cat from the Netherlands, so I looked into Dutch Ragdoll Cat Clubs.

Also, I believe Dandenong Tora Rhianne is one of the most stunning kitties I have ever seen and she is resides at a Ragdoll cattery in Germany that I believe is now retired.

I know there are readers of this blog that live in The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, The UK, The Czech Republic and more – please tell me where you read our blog from if you are in Europe!

It is important to me that Floppycats is an International Ragdoll cat lovers meeting spot.  If you have knowledge about Ragdoll cats lovers in Europe – please leave a comment below and tell me how Floppycats can get more involved in the European Ragdoll Cat Community!

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24 thoughts on “Ragdolls Europe

  1. Lykke says:

    Hi Jenny

    Just found this European section 🙂

    I’ve already posted a couple of pictures of Dr. Nobel on the facebook page and emailed with you 😛

    I’ve got (for me at least) exciting news! I’m 99% sure I found his breeder! He didn’t have any registration with him, only his ‘health book’ and through that I found her on a forum – even tho it should have been nearly impossible! I’ve emailed her and I’m waiting for a reply. I’ve looked in an album with pics of the litter he must have been part of – and found the cutes pictures of a kitten with the same markings as him (like his dark right front leg) 😀 I find it very exciting!

    As for ragdoll beeders in Denmark, it seems as if it’s a rather new breed here (something like 10-15 years and many new breeders the last few years) and the breeder’s club is from 2011 (I think). The link to the page is: http://www.ragdollklubben.dk
    The contact information can be found by clicking on the two ‘speech bubbles’ in the top right corner


    • Jenny says:

      Lykke – that is exciting and you can share those photos for his Ragdoll of the Week! Let me know what the breeder says! Thanks, Jenny

  2. Eszti & Phineas says:


    I’m from Hungary 🙂 In this country there are surprisingly many ragdoll breeders compared to how small the country itself is! 🙂 Which I find really great; when I decided that my cat will be a ragdoll, I kindof started to google the breeders almost without hope to find any, well…my jaw dropped in the end! 🙂 I’m afraid though I cannot give you the names of any organised communities that are centered around ragdolls such as clubs or the sort, ’cause as far as I know there is no such thing in this country (YET! :D), only some fan-clubs on social network sites.

    I lovelovelove this site, I love to read other people’s stories and occasional problems about their ragdoll cats, it makes me smile and feel I’m not the only one having them 🙂 This website also made me cry fair amount of times with the adorable anecdotes of incredible cats that already passed away.

    Quite a few products that are featured / reviewed on floppycats are available in Europe as well (most of them not in my country but for example in the UK, from where the shipping is not awfully expensive and still affordable), so this is also great.

    My raggie’s name is Phineas (or Phini, or *insert countless hungarian meaningless nicknames here how I call him rather than his real name* :DD) and he is a seal mitted with an off-centered blaze 🙂 I really enjoyed your post about the blazed ragdolls, they look incredible in my opinion! I find it really cute how there is never 2 of them that would look the same, they are all unique and yes I have a soft spot in my heart about off-centered blazes, I always thought “perfect” is boring 🙂 Well, my cat is certainly NOT perfect, but adorable nonetheless 🙂

    I must say though, I got Phineas purely based on his temperament because I believe that same way as some people are not meant to be together, it is true to animal-human relationships too, so I wanted to be sure that we “match” , afterall we are gonna spend the next 15-20 years together :).
    I asked his breeder already before the litter was born to choose the kitten for me that is the calmest, most collected friendly little furball who needs human contact really much, and not just “tolerating” it , like many cats do.
    Neither gender nor colouring mattered for me, temperament / personality is the most important feature of any living thing in my opinion and also this is what determines if you’re gonna get along with another being or not (be it human or animal), much much more than any appearance-based quality 🙂

    She chose Phineas for me on the 5th week I believe, he was the kitten that craved human contact the most of all his siblings, and enjoyed petting and bellyrubs already at that young age really much. 🙂 It was a perfect choice I believe this cat matches me wonderfully.

    Jesus this post became really long 😀 I just got so enthusiastic that you are interested in your European readers too! It is really nice and I got a little carried away… 🙂

    All the best to you Jenny and all of you fellow ragdoll-owners 🙂


    • Jenny says:

      Thanks for sharing Phineas with us! I love that you didn’t have color or pattern preferences – and just wanted a certain personality – I have told people that want a Ragdoll personality to take that approach.

      What products do you like that I haven’t mentioned on the site?

      Have you considered sharing Phineas as Ragdoll of the Week?

      Yes, I am interested in all of my readers and think we can all learn from one another- no matter where in the world you are!


      • Eszti & Phineas says:

        Hi Jenny!

        First of all thank you for your kind words 🙂

        As for the products that haven’t been mentioned here yet and I do like, hmmm, I’ve been reading this site for a year now, and if I recall well, there hasn’t been a post about PetStages’s toy line that specializes in night time cat-activity (if there was a review on them I do apologize I must have missed it) !

        Means that the toys are designed to be silent so the cat/s do not wake the humans up while being hyper at nighttime, and they can occupy themselves. I personally find this brilliant 🙂 My cat goes insane several times a day but at night it can be quite “disturbing” . I have laminate flooring (and tiles in the hallway and no carpets at all) so everything that CAN make noise, WILL make noise.

        The other thing is a wonderful scratcher post, that I can not find the name of for the life of me… It is wonderful for smaller apartments such as mine, as I live in a 10-story building with neighbours and thin walls. It is a really tall (goes from the floor till the ceiling) massive “post” with several floors on it and a den thingy that can hold even an adult ragdoll cat comfortably. I find products that are ragdoll friendly (i.e.: able to hold more weight + big enough) AND space-saver to be extremely rare (at least here where I live), so this is like a treasure for me. I might call the store where I bought it from (Fressnapf) to help me out with the name as it can help others with not so huge apartments.

        As for sharing Phini with all of you, that would be really great, but I would like to wait till he is 1 year old 🙂

        – Eszti

        • Jenny says:

          Yes! I do know of their nighttime toys and I agree they are brilliant! We have not reviewed them though! They happened to send us some as a gift =)!

          I hope you will share a photo of your scratcher when you share Phini with us!

          Yes on 1 year – that’s the requirement – of course, you could feature him as Ragdoll Kitten of the Month though.


  3. Alison Cavozzi says:

    Hi Jenny, had a feeling it may be you who we chatted back & forth last week via you tube! Added a new video yesterday called Ziggy the Ragdoll plays catch……take a look and the one of him on his perch also is so cute.
    Said before I love your site…..where are you based in the US? We are about 20 mins by train to central London. Chat again soon. Alison

    • Jenny says:

      Hey Alison – please do post the direct links to his youtube videos – I get over 300 emails a day, so it’s easier when everything is there for me to just click on. in other words, any steps i can eliminate are helpful to me! nonetheless, I have found the video and it is adorable. i am in kansas city – right in the middle of the USA.

    • Jenny says:

      love it! do you know someone in charge of it? i would love to get in touch with them and ask them a few questions – but I cannot read Swedish, so I am a bit limited.

  4. Alison Cavozzi says:

    i am a Ragdoll owner and love your website. We got Ziggy our 9month old blue mitted kitty in October 2011 We have had cats all our life but can honestly say that Raggies rule! What amazing gentle creatures they truly are. We got him from a fabulous breeder based in Leicester in the UK who loved and bought him up beautifully, producing an amazing little man. She loves all her kitties and cried when we collected him which made me cry too. I am in regular contact with her, sending videos & photos. If anyone in the Uk want a raggi then I would recommend Raguccisnowdolls any day. It’s run by Jo & Jordan Fowler

      • Alison Cavozzi says:

        I will send you some photo’s of Ziggy soon with some very funny stories. If you want to see him in the meantime you can find lots of videos on You Tube under Ziggy the Ragdoll kitten or under myalison59.
        There is one called Ziggy the parrot as he is standing on a perch, so funny!
        Let me know what you think! X

        • Jenny says:

          OH! I have seen Ziggy – you contacted me through YouTube and I watched his videos – he’s a handsome kitty! In a few more months, you can feature him as Ragdoll of the week!

          • Alison Cavozzi says:

            Hi Jenny, had a feeling it may be you who we chatted back & forth last week via you tube! Added a new video yesterday called Ziggy the Ragdoll plays catch……take a look and the one of him on his perch also is so cute.
            Said before I love your site…..where are you based in the US? We are about 20 mins by train to central London.

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