Ragdoll Rescue Toronto – How to Find a Ragdoll in Need in Toronto

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Many pure bred animals require special care or in the least a special type of care from their owners.  This is true of Ragdoll cats also.  Pure bred pets being abandoned creates the need for rescue organizations.  If you are interested in adopting a Ragdoll that is in need of rescue there are a few directions that can be taken.

First, visit a local pound.  Calling can help but Ragdolls are often mistaken for other breeds like Himalayans so an in person visit may be the best option.  Also, visiting online photos of pound animals can be helpful before you make the trip.

Other online sites such as PetFinder can also have Ragdolls that are up for adoption.  Again take the time to look through photos as many Ragdolls are misclassified.

A final option may be to contact breeders that may have older Ragdolls that need a forever home.  If there are no breeders in your area then the animal can be shipped or picked up in person in many instances.

For even more ideas visit Floppy Cats.  If you know of a great place to adopt or a Ragdoll rescue in your area stop by the forum and let others know so these lovely felines are not abandoned or put down unnecessarily.

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