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Misty is an adorable seal mitted purebredRagdoll. She came to me from her breeder exposed to multiple cats but for the past 2 years has been with me alone so we are very attached. I just need to know she will be with someone who will love her & can give her a lot of attention because her transition away from me will be very difficult for her. I will be going into hospital soon & won't be coming out. For me to feel peaceful I need to know she will be safe. When she does feel safe she will be a very easy little cat for her new owner to take care of & will bond as she did with me. She is very clean & has no specific food needs. She likes some wet food twice a day & I always leave dry food & water out for her. She sleeps on or beside my bed & wakes me up in the morning purring beside my face. She truly is like a like a little dog, is at the door when I come in & proceeds to follow me everywhere. Having to part with her & she from me is going to be very upsetting for us both & it will take time & lots of love & care from a patient new owner. I can go peacefully if I know she is safe.

Age: 23 months
Sex: Female
Fee: $200.00
Location: Toronto, Canada
E-mail: sharleenmac@hotmail.com
Phone: 416-476-9190 416-444-2338

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