Ragdoll Rescue Texas – Resources for Finding a Ragdoll Cat In Need in Texas

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Deciding to adopt a Ragdoll instead of buying from a breeder is a noble decision for any current or future owner.  There are so many Ragdolls that are in need of forever homes, as is common with any pure breed of animal.  Sometimes new owners cannot meet the needs of a pet and they end up in a rescue that attempts to find a loving home.  While there is not one main organization to rescue Ragdolls, there are several small organizations that specialize in the breed.

There is a Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue in Texas called Merlin’s Hope.  Merlin’s Hope has been rescuing since 2005 and has re-homed and coordinated rescues for 600 plus cats. The rescue is quickly becoming mostly Ragdolls and will arrange transport if someone is interested in a Ragdoll that is in one of their monitored foster homes.

Stories of some of the Ragdoll’s previous situations can be found on Merlin’s Hope‘s website.  Read about how these brave kittens survived and how they found a forever home. Just imagine that you could be the one to take a cute Ragdoll from a home of scrounging through cabinets to one with a cat window bed, a personal sisal cat scratching post, and plenty of feather cat toys.

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