Ragdoll Rescue: Simon in Salem, OR

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Ragdoll RescueRagdoll Adoption Needed! Simon has lost several homes now due to no fault of his own. He is sweet lap cat with a couple of quirks but is a very good boy. He was found in a dumpster as a young guy then at some point delcawed, terrorized by a dog regularly so he will not be adopted to a home with dogs, he is not very fond of cats either so an only pet home is what he really needs, he is kind of skittish with sudden movements and noises so a low key quiet home with no small kids would do. If you live with in driving distance of Salem OR and are interested in Simon please feel free to fill out our Preliminary Screening Application here: http://www.ragdollrescue.com/adoption-application.html to be considered!

Kitty’s Name: Simon
Name: Sharla
Where: Salem, OR
E-mail: ragdollrescuenw@aol.com

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