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I got Sara on July 2,2012. Her owner had to give her away because her little boy was allergic. I was told that she was 13 weeks old then. I don't know a lot about Ragdolls and I'm not sure if she is a purebred or not. She didn't come with any papers.I do know she is beautiful and her fur is very soft. She does kinda flop in my arms when I pick her up. There are also times when she doesn't wanna be bothered. When I hold her she purrs like crazy and if I stop petting her she will either nudge or nip at my hand til I pet her again. She's very sweet and well mannered. She is litter trained and never goes anywhere but the litter box. She's an indoor cat but always tries to sneak out the door anyway. She's quick so we have to be careful when we go out. I am rehoming her because she is not really happy here. We have 10 cats and a dog. She hates the dog. She will play with some of the cats but tends to cuff at the others. Mostly she just keeps to herself or hides. I want her to be happy and not feel like she needs to hide all the time. She should go to a home with no dogs and only one or two younger cats that she can play with. I think that would be best for her. She doesn't like water. She will climb sometimes and use a scratching post. She doesn't follow us around or sleep with us but she does like attention.She prefers to sleep in a chair or on a shelf. She eats wet or dry food and likes treats. She is not spayed yet.

Age: approximately 9 months old
Sex: female
Fee: $200
Location: Upstate NY

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